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In 2024, an automatic translation function will be implemented on YouTube. Toward an era without global information disparity.

【Finally, YouTube to Feature “Automatic Translation Voice-over” by AI】   ・Aloud is researching AI transcription and dubbing of audio and movies; YouTube took over Aloud’s research team on AI automated translation dubbing and...


The birth of AI newscasters. Let’s seriously envision a future (world) where AI will do the jobs humans do today.

【Kuwait’s First AI Newscaster in the Country】   ・Kuwait News, Kuwait’s news organization, has launched Fedha, the country’s first AI (artificial intelligence) newscast. ・Fedha’s blonde hair and light eye color reflect the racial...


Sanctions against Russia. Diamonds are not subject to sanctions. The world is driven by profit and loss, not justice.

【EU Sanctions Against Russia: Why Are Diamonds Excluded? Are there limits to sanctions?】   ・The European Union has imposed various sanctions against Russia, but one that has not been targeted is diamond ・Deeply...


Twitter quietly eliminates its policy on Corona-related misinformation. Freedom and Control of Information Dissemination.

【The decision is left up to the user; Twitter had eliminated its use policy to prevent coronavirus-related misinformation.】   ・Twitter appears to have eliminated its policy to prevent the spread of misinformation about...