“Mounted?” and women are more likely to feel “mounted? The complexity and difficulty of women’s mounting culture

【Mounting up? Women are more likely to take what their talkers say as incitement.】


・Mounting is the act of showing off to the other person that you are superior to him or her. Mounting is the act of showing that you are superior to the other person.

・According to research, mounting is more likely to occur in women than in men.

・Why are women more prone to mountings that are more subtle and complex?

It was found that women’s mountings can be broadly classified into three types: “traditional women,” “independent women,” and “sexual attraction,” which can be further subdivided into 20 concepts

The “traditional woman.”
A type of woman who presents herself as someone who embodies the traditionally excellent image of a woman.

Independent Woman.
A woman who has a job and financial resources and is able to live independently of a man.

Sexual Attractiveness
A type that boasts of being attractive to the opposite sex and having an attractive appearance.

Each of these types is at odds with chastity, independence, and sexual attractiveness, and it is difficult to combine them all. This leads to a stalemate, a three-way situation where they win in some areas but lose in others

・In the case of women, while they feel mounted by their partner, they are often themselves mounted by that partner. In this way, mounting may be repeated within a group of women.

・The mouting items for men are professional success, physical and mental strength, and independence. Unlike women, each of these items can be established without contradiction.

・In other words, male mounting is simple and quickly won or lost.


The above is a quote from the article





Women’s mounting culture is still complex and difficult.


It is interesting to see the difference between male and female mouinting.


It is also interesting to note that women’s mouinting is more complex because it is a three-way process.

To put a finer point on it,

I also thought that it would be more correct to say threesome rather than three-way. It’s like three parties are in conflict with each other.


【The difference between threesome and three-way】


This is why, from a man’s point of view, he feels that women are not talking to each other when they are mounting each other.

On the other hand, male mounting is simple and easy to understand. Even from a woman’s point of view, it is easy to distinguish the winner from the loser.


Why do they mount each other in the first place?

Well, self-preservation? Survival instinct? There are many guesses,


But it seems that there are certain traits of people who mount up.

・Strong desire for approval
・Lack of self-confidence
・Self-centered personality

So, if someone is mounting you, think in your mind, “Oh, he/she is not confident,” or “He/she is self-centered and approval-seeking,” and just humor them appropriately. In fact, I try to think this way, too. ^^


In the first place, I think, “I’m superior! I’m superior! I’m better than you! I think it is strange to say to yourself, “I am better than you!


I believe that being told by others, such as “You are amazing,” is the real greatness. I believe that the evaluation by others is the real mount (proof of one’s greatness).


For men, I think it is relatively easy to achieve this kind of mount that is evaluated by others,

However, for women, there are three types of mounts, so it seems to be very difficult for them to be evaluated by others (women must not be of the same type). (Women will not appreciate a mount unless they are the same type, and men will not appreciate a mount unless they like that type.)

(Women will not appreciate the same type if they don’t like it, and men will not appreciate it if they don’t like it.

In any case, just keeping in mind that there are three mount types for women, it might make it easier for both men and women to deal with some of them.

See you then


If the only criterion for evaluation is comparison, you may fall prey to the mounting culture, but if “your personality” becomes the criterion, you may not be at the mercy of the mountings.



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