Latest research shows that happiness increases as annual income rises. Can money buy happiness?

【Happiness can be bought with money, up to 70 million yen, the more the better.ーThe Latest Research】


・Traditionally, it was thought that happiness levels hit a ceiling after an annual income of about 10 million yen ($75,000).

・A recent study conducted on 33,391 U.S. residents found that happiness steadily increases with annual income, and rather accelerates when annual income exceeds $100,000, according to a study conducted on 33,391 U.S. residents.

・Correlation between annual income and happiness can be confirmed up to $500,000 annual income, but there is a lack of conclusive data for later levels

・The study included adults aged 18-65 years living and working in the U.S., with a median age of 33 years and a median annual household income of $85,000. Study conducted on 33,391 U.S. residents.







Instead of “Happiness can be bought with money,” it’s “Happiness increases with money.”


In the correlation between annual income and happiness, happiness increases up to an annual income of $75,000, but above that level happiness plateaus.

I think I have covered this type of research many times in my past blogs.


However, the person who conducted the study has now re-analyzed and re-researched the results and found that happiness levels increase with annual income, as shown above.


However, as the title of the above article states, I do not believe that money can buy happiness.


Here is the passage in the above article that caught my attention.

「If a person has always had a certain amount of happiness, happiness steadily increases with income.」

this point!!!

This premise is very important, don’t you think?


In my opinion, happiness is having relationships where we can laugh and rejoice with each other.(A major factor for happiness)


For example, no matter how much a person who does not have such people around him or her increases his or her annual income, it is unlikely to increase his or her happiness.(In the extreme, no matter how much money a lonely person makes.)



Happiness can not be bought with money, but happiness can be increased with money.(Can amplify the happiness you originally had.)

I believe it would be more correct to put it this way.


Plus, I can’t help but have an interesting image、

Happiness (i.e., relationships) cannot be bought with money, and even if happiness could be bought, relationships that look like they were bought would not work!^^;


With some happiness (good relationships), it may be natural that the more money we have, the more things we can all do and places we can go, so happiness will increase!^^



based on those considerations、I thought the following

I would like to earn more money so that I can amplify my happiness (relationships) while carefully nurturing them.



See you then.


In some cases, as in this case, the researchers themselves have overturned past research, so once again I was reminded that we need to keep up with the latest research and information.




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