37% rule to help you decide (finalize) who to marry

【If you think you can’t decide on marriage… identify “the best person you’ve ever met by the age of 26,1” <Harvard-Google behavioral science researcher explains>.】


・How to meet your ideal partner in the most difficult time in history by Logan Wooley, a behavioral science researcher at Harvard University and Google.

The threshold for choosing a partner is 37%.

・For example, if you applied for a secretary position, there were 100 applicants. The setting is that each person is interviewed one by one, and those who are not hired cannot be called back.
In this case, after interviewing 37% of the applicants, the best person is identified. Then, we would use that as the basis for the rest of the interviews, and as soon as someone exceeded that standard, we would hire them.

・Assuming that the time frame for partner search is from 18 to 40 years old, under the 37% rule, the standard age would be 26.1 years old. Therefore, the best person you meet by the age of 26.1 is the standard, and if someone you meet after that age who exceeds that standard appears, you can marry him or her immediately.

・If you assume that you will have children, then the standard age for women is earlier (younger) than for men.


The above is a quote from the article





37% rule to help you decide (finalize) who to marry


The 37% rule, interesting.

I don’t know the basis for why 37% (or is it a statistic?). Well, let’s just trust it as it is, without digging too deep into it, since it comes from someone who studied behavioral science at Harvard and Google.


I think it is quite possible that a good candidate may no longer be available after repeated interviews and romance, thinking that a better one may appear in the future.

The 37% rule may be very useful as a method for making a final decision on which criteria to use and when to use them.


In the above article,

I assumed that the period of partner search is from 18 to 40 years old, and derived the age of 26.1 years, which is 37% of that period,

I thought it might be okay to adjust that setting on an individual basis.

That being said, if we knew the total number of applicants, say 100, as in the case of secretarial applications, we could create a criterion of 37,

In the case of romance, the total number of people you meet is unknown.

Some people will meet a lot when they are young, and some will meet a lot when they are older.

When you think about it,

I think it is also a good idea to easily apply the 37% rule to age rather than the number of people.

Having said that,

I also think that the 37% rule is a valid way to make a final decision.

It is very important to set a standard somewhere and make a final decision.


Not only in interviews and love,

I think the 37% rule may be useful not only for job interviews and love affairs, but also for shopping, ideas, etc., when you have to make a final decision from a large number of choices.


See you then



I think there is such a thing as fate, so maybe we should use the 37% rule to decide, while surrendering to fate, etc.? Passive and active, both are important. Everything should be balanced.



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