Twitter quietly eliminates its policy on Corona-related misinformation. Freedom and Control of Information Dissemination.

【The decision is left up to the user; Twitter had eliminated its use policy to prevent coronavirus-related misinformation.】


Twitter appears to have eliminated its policy to prevent the spread of misinformation about the new coronavirus. (The policy led to the t-suspension of 11,000 accounts, and nearly 100,000 tweets had been deleted since the beginning of this year through September.)

・Interestingly, Twitter has not announced the removal of the policy

・The removal of the new coronavirus policy comes after Mask fired about half of Twitter’s workforce in November and drastically downsized the content moderation department.

Has Mr. Mask already thrown the monitoring of content to the users?


These are the quotes from the article




The quality of information depends on the policy and position of the platform. (Freedom of information dissemination and difficulty of control)


As a Twitter user, I did not know that the policy had been removed, but I had recently noticed a distinct change in the quality of information I was seeing regarding the coronavirus.


More specifically, until now, I have not seen many negative or skeptical opinions (tweets) about mRNA vaccines, but,Currently, we are seeing such tweets.


Incidentally, YouTube seems to forcibly close videos with similar content immediately. Nico Nico Douga does not seem to be closed.


Thus, different platforms have different standards (policies) for good and bad information.


Personally, as a bit skeptical about the coronavirus vaccine, I would like to see such information released and not restricted, but it is difficult because it is also true that a complete release could lead to a flood of outrageous information, like conspiracy theories.


Should information dissemination be free or should it be controlled?


This is the really difficult part.


Just a thought,

“We live in an information society, and it is important to nurture and strengthen information literacy and Internet literacy. We often say things like, “We are not the only ones who can do this,


Its literacy is,

the ability to judge whether the information you see is right or wrong,

It is not only the ability to judge whether the information you see is correct or incorrect,

I thought that this also includes the ability to understand that each platform and media outlet has a different policy and stance on the information they transmit.(Different policies and stances.)


To put it further,


It is also important to understand that platforms, media, and even information transmitters will not transmit anything that differs from their position, is unfavorable, or inconvenient.


It means that the content and quality of information will vary depending on policy, position, and other factors.


Even this blog of mine is not likely to contain any information that is unfavorable or inconvenient to me. (You should read it with that assumption in mind.)


Reading the above article,

I was reminded that it is very important to recognize that information is what it is.


See you then.


The definitions and scope of “free speech” and “speech control” are really difficult to define.




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