Positive human voices entering through the left ear were found to strongly activate the brain.

【Is “because it resonates with the right side of the brain” old knowledge? Positive speech is more effective when heard from the “left”!】


・The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) recently discovered that vocal sounds that induce positive emotions are more strongly activated in the brain when they enter through the left ear

・Positive vocalizations coming from the left ear strongly activated the “primary auditory cortex” in both the right and left hemispheres (no response to positive vocalizations from the right ear)

・All other negative and neutral vocalizations plus all environmental sounds, including positive ones, did not significantly activate the primary auditory cortex in any direction

・Only positive “human voices” coming from the left ear strongly activated the brain.




These are the quotes from the article




If you want to sound positive to the other person, let them hear the words from their left ear!


It is an interesting study, although the number of subjects, 13 men and 13 women, is not very large.


The brain responded strongly only to positive words (human voices) coming from the left ear.


The brain did not seem to respond to positive words from the right ear, nor to positive environmental sounds from the left ear. It is strange.


The brain responded only to positive human voices from the left ear.


In the latest brain science, the concept of right brain and left brain is out of date. So, this study cannot be explained by talking about the left ear to the right brain. actually, in this study, both the right brain and the left brain (primary auditory cortex) are responding.


I’m not quite sure why this is the case, but I’d love to make use of it if the opportunity arises. (Like when you’re trying to seduce someone? No, words from someone who doesn’t want to be seduced would be negative words ^^;)


I don’t understand the principle, connection,

I am reminded of the law that says, “The toilets of the rich are always cleaner than the restrooms of the poor.”

Why, if you have a clean bathroom, are you rich? I don’t know the principle, but many famous people seem to practice it. I do not know the principle, but I am practicing it myself.


I don’t know the principle, but I’ll try what looks good anyway.


This spirit, I think, is quite important.


See you then.



If it doesn’t follow the principle, that’s okay, because the toilet will still be clean. If it doesn’t sound good in the left ear, it may not sound good in the right ear either, and that’s okay. If it doesn’t work according to the principle, but there is no problem, I think it is a good idea to try it anyway.




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