Successfully produced eggs from male cells. In the future, it may be possible for men alone to bear children.

【In the future, male couples may be able to have children… Successfully produced eggs from iPS cells of male mice.】


・A professor at Osaka University has revealed that he has succeeded in producing eggs from iPS cells (induced pluripotent stem cells) of a male mouse and fertilizing them with sperm from another male mouse, resulting in the birth of a baby mouse.

・The world’s first oocyte produced from a male mammalian iPS cell

・The possibility that male-male couples and women struggling with infertility could also be able to have children is likely to be controversial.

・We focused on the fact that the Y chromosome sometimes disappears with age. They repeatedly cultured iPS cells made from the tails of male mice and selected cells that had lost their Y chromosome and were left with only one X chromosome.The X chromosome was then duplicated into two chromosomes using a special compound. From these cells, eggs were produced and fertilized with sperm from another male mouse. 630 fertilized eggs were implanted in the uteri of several female mice, resulting in the birth of seven mice!

・While the Japanese government has issued guidelines allowing the creation of fertilized eggs through genetic manipulation and other means for assisted reproductive medical research only, the law prohibits the implantation of such fertilized eggs in the uterus.



These are the quotes from the article




I can’t help but imagine a future of procreation where LGBTs go.


Seven years ago I blogged about a similar study.


【To an age when a man alone, a woman alone, or even a human alone can create a child.】


In the study from the University of Bath, England, introduced seven years ago, the chance of conception was one-third.

In the Osaka University study, 630 fertilized eggs were implanted and seven were born, which means a probability of 0.11%, or one in 100.


Bath University’s experiment is from sperm. Osaka University’s experiment is from iPS cells.

Since the experimental methods are different, I don’t think the numbers are simply comparable, but the probability of success is still not high.(In fact, the professor says it will take about 10 years to convert it to human use.)


I just think.、


One hundred years ago, even interracial marriages were forbidden, and homosexuality was not even recognized.Nowadays, however, we humans love and even marry without regard to race, gender, etc.

In this light, it seems that humanity’s attitude and way of thinking about sexuality is changing at an accelerating pace.


I think we can get a glimpse into the future of such accelerated changes about sexuality from studies like this one.


“Having children with only men” and “having children with only women.”


Although there are still many elements that are legally forbidden, such as the implantation of fertilized eggs

Such a future may already be in the works.


I felt the same way in my blog seven years ago, but

This time, I felt it again strongly.


See you then.



I have a feeling that we will eventually reach a future where a child can be created regardless of gender, regardless of age or sex, as long as the person’s cells are available.




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