Artificial Sun? Breakthrough in Fusion Technology to be Announced Tomorrow at Noon Japan Time

【A breakthrough in fusion technology, to be announced at noon Japan time on December 14.】


・A research group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory intends to publish “groundbreaking scientific results” on the morning of December 13, EST.

Its content appears to be the first case of getting energy from a controlled fusion reaction.

・If true, it would be a major turning point in the decades-long quest to obtain energy from the same source as solar heat, without the carbon dioxide emissions produced by fossil fuels and without the radioactive waste produced by nuclear fission.


These are the quotes from the article




Artificial sun? A dream perpetual motion machine?


It seems that tomorrow, the 14th, at noon Japan time, there will be a landmark announcement about nuclear fusion in the United States.


Some people may not have a clear idea of what nuclear fusion is, but in great simplicity, nuclear fusion is the creation of an artificial sun-like substance.


When the word “nuclear” is mentioned, some people may have a negative impression, thinking of nuclear power plants and the like, but that is not true.


Nuclear power plants are fission reactions and produce radioactive waste that remains for a long time,

Fusion, as the name implies, is fusion, not fission, and produces no radioactive waste.


In the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, as the voices of opposition to nuclear power increased, some intellectuals said, “Nuclear power plants aside, fusion research must continue,” and I still vividly remember how most people at the time reacted negatively or no reaction to these voices.

When I recall that,

Although it is my imagination, I can’t help but wonder if the negative image of nuclear = evil may have hindered the progress of fusion technology in Japan.


I really feel that it is important to carefully discern between image and fact.


And now, there is a landmark announcement about nuclear fusion in the United States.


Until now, the problem has been that the input energy to create a fusion reaction exceeds the output energy,

In the November 2022 experiment,

they obtained output energy that was about 120% of the input energy.


Isn’t this amazing?


It’s a layman’s idea,

If we put in 120% of that amount again, it would be 144%, and if we turn it again, 172.8%, and so on, we would have a truly dream perpetual engine. Moreover, no radioactive waste will be produced.


Well, I think there are still many practical problems that need to be cleared for practical application, but my dreams are growing.


Of course, I can imagine there are downsides.(Is it safe to build a sun on the ground? It’s like…^^;)


Everything has good and bad sides.


Regardless, I am looking forward to tomorrow’s announcement.


See you then.


【December 14, 2022, postscript.】

【”Fusion Experiment Successfully and Efficiently Generates Sufficient Energy” U.S.A.】

Your presentation was much the same as the one above. Next generation energy that emits no carbon dioxide. We are looking forward to the future.


I thought that if fusion could be made practical, in many ways, it would be able to conquer the world, and sure enough, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is aiming to start up a fusion power plant in 2025. I knew that the people at the top of their game knew what they were doing.




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