Robots not as tools for humans, but robots to use human tools. Humans and robots are now equals.

【Clone Inc. develops “human-like robotic hand”】


・Clone, a robotics development company based in New York, USA, is seriously trying to create not just a humanoid robot, as its name suggests, but a human-like android.

・The cloned hand contains all 27 degrees of freedom found in the human hand.” (Tesla’s Optimus prototype humanoid robot, unveiled in September 2022, has 11 degrees of freedom in both hands.)

・Why are cloning companies developing human-like androids and robotic hands? Because if androids are equipped with human-like hands, they will be able to handle all the tools in the world that have ever been created.



These are the quotes from the article




Robots not as tools for humans, but robots to use human tools. Humans and robots are now equals.


First, let’s take a look at the video.



It is so close to a human hand that it is a different dimension from the robot hands we have seen so far.


Although Tesla Inc. recently released a robot to the public that has been making headlines, this cloned robot seems to have more freedom, numerically speaking, when it comes to “hands”.


Incidentally, Boston Dynamics is well known for its humanoid robots. It is already bipedal and free.



And recently, Tesla Inc. announced a robot.

Compared to Dynamics, I think we are just getting started.


More and more amazing robots are being developed, but why did I focus on the Clone Company’s robot this time?


It was interesting to me because the cloning company told me that the reason they create something so close to human beings is so that they can freely use human tools that are available all over the world.


Indeed, the earth today is practically dominated by humans and full of tools that humans handle. So, if we create a realistic human (hand, etc.) robot, it will be able to freely use the many human tools that already exist.




Humans, wanting to fly, have studied and created bird structures. We have studied and imitated the eye structures and skeletons of insects. We have also developed machines and robots.



I found it amusing that man had imitated natural objects and animals so far, but now he was imitating man himself.


More to the point,


I also found it interesting that machines and robots have been nothing more than tools for humans until now, but now robots are being developed that can use human tools (not human tools = robots, but robots that use human tools). (Not human tools = robots, but robots that use human tools)


I found the above two points interesting, so I took up the Clone Company’s robot.


I often address AI and robots in my blog.

I have written in my blog that “humans” and “AI or robots” are no longer in a master-slave relationship, but are becoming more like equals or partners. And I felt that this robot is a true reflection of that.


Since these are robots that will eventually become our partners, let’s check them carefully.



I’ve also included a look at the newest robot that would be my partner.



See you then.


As a musician, I am still benefiting from AI within my PC, but thinking about the robot above, perhaps robots that play instruments, which are human tools, will eventually appear, and the day will come when humans and robots will form a band.^^








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