A thicker glass makes you taste sweeter, a thinner glass makes you taste bitter.” Many correlations determine the sense of taste.

【It became clear that “a thick glass of tea is perceived as sweet tea” and “a thin glass of tea is perceived as bitter tea.”】


・The taste of food and beverages is influenced by more than just taste!

・Atsunori Aruga and his research team at Chuo University focused on the thickness of the glass and found that taste evaluation changes with thickness

Green tea becomes sweeter when drunk from a thicker glass and more bitter when drunk from a thinner glass (the two types of glasses had different weights according to their thickness, so the difference in weight may have influenced the perception).

・Prior research has shown that the color, shape, material, and texture of the container can also change the taste perceived from the beverage.

・For example, a 2018 University of Bologna (UNIBO) study reported that different glass shapes lead to different perceptions of wine taste and flavor

・For example, sweet tastes are often associated with rounded shapes and bright colors, while bitter tastes are said to be associated with sharp angles and dark colors



These are the quotes from the article




Sense is determined by many correlations.


It is an interesting experiment.


The tendency is that the thicker the glass, the sweeter it tastes, and the thinner the glass, the more bitter it tastes. Since the weights of the glasses were different, it is possible that the heavier the glass, the sweeter it was, and the lighter the glass, the more bitter it was.


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In the past, I have also written blogs like this one,

Once again, I am reminded that the sense of taste is influenced by more than just taste.

Beer is good on a hot day, food tastes good in a scenic setting, and the taste changes depending on who you dine with.


Well, not just these obvious, major factors,

I realized that even small factors such as the thickness and weight of the glass, as in this case, can change the taste.


When I think about it.


Even if you eat the same kind of food every day, it is unlikely that you will taste exactly the same. This is because there are countless factors that affect our sense of taste, such as temperature, physical condition, tableware, shape of the food, etc., and it is unlikely that these factors are the same every day.


When I think about it.


It may be difficult to taste the exact same meal (taste), so the meal (taste) in front of us is something to be thankful for (rare).^^


The above study led me to think about that.


Let us be thankful for the food (taste) before us, which is the same but not the same.^^


See you then.


The same may be said of taste as well as the other five senses. When you think about it, the phenomenon before us is rare.




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