My number card to be integrated with insurance card and other functions. We looked into its merits and demerits and organized them.

【Why the “hard-line” approach to dissemination? De facto obligation to obtain a my number card, to be integrated with the function of the health insurance card, which will be abolished in the fall of 2024】


・Digital Minister Taro Kono announced on March 13 that he plans to abolish the health insurance card, currently issued on paper, etc., in the fall of 2024 and integrate it with the my number card.

・He also expressed his intention to study with the National Police Agency to move forward the integration of the driver’s license by the end of FY2012, which has been the target. However, like the insurance card, he is not considering abolishing the driver’s license.

・ According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the my number card issuance rate as of November 11 is 49.6%.

・The government intends to maintain a system that allows people who pay insurance premiums to receive medical treatment without obtaining a “miner’s insurance card.” According to the officials, the issuance of certificates to show that a person is insured, etc. will be considered.



These are the quotes from the article




Consolidation of functions to the My Number Card, and a summary of its advantages and disadvantages.


On social networking sites, there are a lot of opinions for and against this issue of my number card. I, personally, have many questions and am a bit negative about this move. However, I am in the early stages of making my number card. Because I think this trend will never stop, I decided to get it while I can get benefits such as mynumber points (Shallow thinking ^^;)


Even though I am a bit negative, I do not think we should remain uninformed, so I would like to sort out the advantages and disadvantages of the integration of the My Number Card. (Even though it is negative, you can’t just stare at the disadvantages. It is a thoughtless state)



<Advantages of integrating my number card, positive opinion>

・Reception with a card reader with facial recognition (prevention of fraudulent use of insurance cards. (In fact, it is said that there is a lot of fraudulent use of insurance cards.)

・It can be used as a health insurance card all the time even if you get a job, change jobs, or move house (no renewal procedure is required. (My number card itself is valid for about 10 years.)

・Easy online filing of tax returns for medical expense deductions

・Receive data-based medical care and drug prescriptions (sharing of patient data among medical institutions)

・No need to make a one-time payment over the limit

・It will make it easier to manage the people, so benefits, etc., will run smoothly.

・Easier to prevent tax evasion.

・Introduction and maintenance will have an economic impact in many places.

・No personal information can be extracted from a potato. It’s like a bank account number: it can be transferred, but it can’t be withdrawn.


<Disadvantages of My Number Card Integration, Negative Opinions>

・Still few medical institutions can use the my number card insurance card (20% of the total, less than 60% of the total for which application has been made)

・Risk of loss and leakage of personal information (Loss of personal information is a big problem. There have been incidents of leakage of pension information in the past. In a similar system in the U.S., the damage caused by identity theft is said to be 6 trillion yen).

・Additional medical fee of 21 yen for an initial visit and 12 yen for a follow-up visit (added as compensation for using the online eligibility verification system. (The company is considering halving the amount of the surcharge.)

・By unifying data such as bank accounts, insurance cards, driver’s licenses, etc., the risk cannot be spread out in the event of a cyber attack from overseas. You get hit all at once.

・It is enough to connect the current databases of different ministries without having to spend a lot of taxpayer money on a my number card policy.

・The cost of implementation is orders of magnitude greater than the amount of tax evasion prevention benefits.

・The economic benefits of implementation and maintenance are only for some large companies (e.g., system management, orders, etc.)



<Reference Site>

【Explanation of how to register and use the mandatory My Number Card Insurance Card and its advantages and disadvantages.】

【Fatal Flaws in the My Number System Not Reflecting the Benefits of Digitization】

【Logic and Corruption in the Introduction of My Number】



These are my own investigations.


What do you think? It is not simply black and white. Well, every issue is like that. (Everything is yin and yang, good and bad from each standpoint.)


I just think,

There is a medical term called informed consent, isn’t there?

The treatment method should be explained properly. The benefits as well as the risks should be properly explained and understood.


This issue of the my number card is also a problem, I thought that the government should not appeal only the positive aspects of the issue, but should also explain the risks involved, and then make an appeal that says, “But those risks can be dealt with in such a way and for such a reason.


I also think it is important for us, the people, not only to complain and demand from the government, but also to gather information, think and understand, as above.


It is no good if only the country changes, or only the people change.


These are my own research and various thoughts on the my number card issue.


See you then.


I really believe that even in mRNA vaccines, we should have done it properly in an informed consent manner. (The EU commission is exposing outrageous information about the Pfizer vaccine.)




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