Racquet sports for health! (Study results)

【Studies show that exercise reduces all kinds of mortality risk; what kind of exercise is more effective?】


・Eleanor L. Watts and her team at the National Cancer Institute followed 272,550 adults aged 59-82 for an average of 12 years to collect data on mortality from cardiovascular disease and cancer and various exercise habits among the elderly.

・Comparison of mortality risk by calculating metabolic equivalent (MET) for each of seven categories of aerobic exercise: running, walking, cycling, swimming, racket sports, golf, and other aerobic exercises, and found a 13% reduction in overall mortality risk in all categories.

・MET is a measure of exercise intensity. 7.5 to 15 MET hours per week is equivalent to 2.5 to 5 hours per week for moderate-intensity aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, and 1.25 to 2.5 hours per week for high-intensity aerobic exercise such as running or cycling

・Especially effective were racket sports such as tennis, which reduced the overall risk of death by 16% and the risk of death from heart disease by 27%!

・Running also reduces overall mortality risk by 15% and cancer reduction by 19%, tops in 7 categories

・The research team speculated that “racket sports require hand-eye coordination and very high-intensity, intermittent exercise, which may be particularly effective in improving physical function in exercise.

・Those who did not reach the amount of exercise recommended by health authorities also had a 5% lower risk of death than those who did not exercise.


These are the quotes from the article




A sport that is good for your health is racquetball!


When I found the above article, at first I thought it might be the same as the one I featured on my previous blog, but upon closer inspection, I found it to be different research data.


By the way, here is what I covered in my blog about a year ago. ↓↓.




【Data from 80,000 people reveals. Health beneficial sport is not jogging,】


・Sports that were determined to be statistically beneficial were “badminton, tennis, and squash” racket games

・Those who played racquetball had a 47% lower mortality rate than those who did not exercise at all (28% lower than swimming)

・When it comes to diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and other circulatory organs, racquetball games have shown a significant risk reduction with a 59% reduction in mortality.




This one, the study discussed a year ago, is from Finland. And the current study is from the United States.


And in common with both studies, the health benefits of racquet sports emerge.




This is already a healthy exercise habit, and I must actively adopt racquet competitions as a part of my exercise routine for my health.


By the way, a year ago in my blog Why are racquetball games so good for your health? I thought to myself,

A year ago I was,

Racquet sports = a sport you play with someone else. In other words, I reasoned that playing a sport with someone for fun might result in physical and mental health.


But this U.S. study speculates that “racket sports require hand-eye coordination and very high-intensity exercise intermittently, which may be particularly effective in improving physical function among exercises.


I see, I see, eye exercises and intermittent high intensity exercises….


It is true that in everyday life, we do not do eye exercises that make our eyes dart about. It seems that eye movements also stimulate the nerves in the brain (since the distance between the eyes and the brain is close, it seems that stimuli are directly exchanged). )


Having said that, I have not yet abandoned my original reasoning that “racquet sports are good for physical and mental health because you are playing the sport with someone else. I still believe that possibility still exists. ^^



The information is highly reliable because it is derived from a Finnish study that surveyed 80,000 people, an American study that surveyed 230,000 people, and these tremendous amounts of data.


I would definitely like to incorporate racquet sports into my life for the sake of my health.


See you then.


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I do not know the age range of the Finnish subjects, but the US data is from the older age groups. Perhaps the story that racquet sports are good for health seems to apply regardless of age.




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