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It is important to be aware of connections. It is important to imagine.


As is my annual tradition, today is not my usual miscellaneous blog, as I will be looking back on the year 2022 and writing just what I think. Please understand.


When I write a summary, I always read the summary from a year ago. When I read it, it is like reading a diary, and it brings back my feelings from a year ago, making me feel a little nostalgic.


Conflicts, incidents, events, and many other things have happened this year.

Well, let’s leave the world and social matters aside for now and let me, myself, tell you a personal story.


The year 2022 for me, Makoto Ogata,

I read more books in 2022 than in any other year of my life!


I have never been someone who reads that much.


But as I wrote in a recent blog, I have started to borrow and read many books, partly because a new library center has been established right in front of my house.


Although I have not read much in the past, thanks in part to writing this kind of blog, I have been in the habit of reading a variety of articles, so the amount of text read itself was not much different from that of a normal adult.

Such is what I have felt this year as a result of my increased reading, which is,


Information should be input (learned) in one set, not in fragments, with connections.


This would be obvious to someone who reads a lot of books on a regular basis. (And it’s always a good idea to learn by making links.)


Of course, there is also the benefit of having a lot of information input, even if fragmentary, on the Internet and elsewhere.


In my blog the other day, I talked about how paper books and e-books each have their own input characteristics, so let’s take the best of both worlds. In this case as well, I hope we can take the best of both worlds, the Internet and books, to provide input.


Connected knowledge is important, and it’s also important to consciously connect your own knowledge.


I strongly felt this way as I read many books.


This may not be just about knowledge.


I think it is important to be aware of the connection and the need to connect everything.


I think “connection” comes into play when choosing a book. I believe that your awareness of what you are interested in, what you want to learn, etc., will create an encounter (connection) with a book.


This year, I read a number of books on cognitive brain science, and when I read “Textbook of Mind” by Daisuke Tajima and Hideto Tomabechi, a lot of things “connected” in my mind.


What it means is,


Thoughts become reality

Image materializes


I have had this thought for some time,


I found “Textbook of Mind” very interesting because it explains and proves this idea from the perspective of cognitive brain science.

As I read the book, I was reassured and convinced of the above thought. and so I reaffirmed and strengthened my conviction about the above-mentioned ideas.


Negative reality causes negative images (thoughts)

Positive reality creates positive images (thoughts).

Many people tend to think this way,


Negative images create and attract negative realities.

Positive images create and attract positive realities.

This is still the correct answer.


It is not “reality → image” but “image → reality.


By the way, cognitive brain science seems to suggest that you should not tell people about your dreams. (You can dream within yourself.)


If I were to write about the book, I would not be able to finish the blog. If you are interested, please read the above book.


And perhaps it is thanks to the reaffirmation of thought, increased certainty, and strengthened imagery like this,

Early next year, one thing I have wanted to do for a long time will be realized.

(I have been imagining and achieving so much!)




I hope that you and everyone else reading this blog will create wonderful images and build wonderful realities. (The fact that you are reading this blog is a good “connection”)


Incidentally, television and social networking sites have many negative elements, and if you are continuously exposed to such information, you may unconsciously form negative images. You need to be careful about this. (A sense of distance is important.)


Yes, the act of imagining and connecting may be similar to the act of tuning in to a TV (radio) channel.


I think it is very important to know what frequencies (dimensions) to connect to and what frequencies (dimensions) to imagine.


By the way, I take a walk & visit a shrine every morning when I wake up. (I think it’s healthy, and it seems to bring me good luck, so I kill two birds with one stone.)

I also recommend that you consciously take time to refresh yourself away from TV and smartphones, as I did on my walk. TV and smartphones have the risk of negative information flowing in automatically, you know. In that respect, reading is good. You can input the information you want to obtain in a straightforward manner. (I’ve only been a reader for one year, but I’m trying to sound smart.)


I’m starting to feel like I’m losing my coherence,


Anyway, it was the year 2022 for Makoto Ogata, who read a lot of books this year and made the above-mentioned and many other realizations.


I thought that “connection,” “linkage,” and “image” are all very important.


So I urge you all to do the same!” I hope you will accept it somehow.^^


2022, I would like to thank my family and everyone else who has cared about me and everyone involved for the past year. I love you. And I feel loved.^^


And thank you very much for reading Amimako over the past year.
I wish you all a happy New Year. Let’s welcome 2023 with a good image!


Every morning, when I visit the shrine, I imagine the world, my family, and everyone around me smiling peacefully and cheerfully. This too will become reality.^^

Of course, I will continue to imagine and create great music next year. Even music starts out as an image. (Image → reality (music)) It is the same as walking because you try to walk, because you imagine walking. The image creates the reality as an extension of the image.




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