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Research shows that collaborative works between AI and humans are the highest rated. Considering the relationship between AI and humans in future creativity.

【The beauty of “AI Haiku” is equal to that of human works, and the joint works of AI and humans are the most beautiful.  Kyoto University Research】 https://www.itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/2211/08/news085.html   ・Haiku written by AI alone...


Predicting and examining the future of the creative industry from the revolution caused by image-generating AI

【Daily active users of image generation AI “StableDiffusion” reach 10 million; users of “DreamStudio” exceed 1.5 million.】 https://gigazine.net/news/20221018-stable-diffusion-daily-active-user/   ・Stablity AI, the AI company leading the development of the image generation AI Stable Diffusion,...