Miscellaneous Thoughts After Attending Writing Camp. Thinking again about perfectionism and perfectionism.

Before reading the article, let me define the term.

Perfectionism = a mindset that prioritizes and aims for perfection

Completionism = a mindset that prioritizes completion anyway.


【Studies have shown that completionism is more creative than perfectionism. Ultimately, perfectionism matters.】


Tendency for completionism to be more creative than perfectionism

・It is still important to complete the project because if you don’t complete it, you won’t be able to experience and learn how to complete it.

・After all, we should aim for completionism rather than perfectionism.


These are the quotes from the article




A fresh look at perfectionism and completionism


It has been a long time since I updated my blog.


Actually, from the beginning of this week until now, I have been participating in the “Songwriting Camp in Taiwan” held by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Contents Overseas Development Promotion Project”. I just returned home a few days ago.


I’m writing this blog while that passion is still alive.


We spent 3 days in a hotel room to make music. 19 songs were completed. I was involved in 4 songs.


Isn’t 19 songs in 3 days a lot? ^^; (My sense is that it is)


So today, unusually, I am quoting from my own previous blog post.


As mentioned above, in a previous blog, I wrote: “After all, we should aim for completionism rather than perfectionism.


But this camp made me think that this may not be the case.


The reasons why I thought so are described below.


When I thought about how many of the 19 songs produced this time were satisfactory to the writers and artists who participated in the production, I felt a little uneasy.


1 team of 4

We determine the target and image, compose music, write lyrics, record instruments and songs, edit, mix, and master the music. The entire process takes only 7 hours to complete a song!ームは2曲)

While we were composing, I always felt we were running out of time.


Since it was in that state, I wonder how many songs were “done” or “satisfying!” I wonder how many songs are like that.


The speed and quality of the production was very high. I was very impressed with the quality of the work, and I was surprised that such a high level of quality could be achieved in such a short period of time. (Even more so because I am a slow creator.)


However, the music listener cannot know information such as, “The quality is high in such a short production time!” Because there is no information about production time in music!^^;


The important factor for the listener (listener) is simply whether the song is good or not.


Imagine, for example.


Sculptor who mass-produces sculptures at the 70-point level

Sculptor who produces a small quantity of 120 sculptures


Which would be more appreciated?

Hmmm, with this question, the answer may vary depending on the evaluation axis.

Let’s rephrase the question.


If you put the works of two sculptors side by side one by one, which would you appreciate more?




Can a sculptor who mass-produces (and completes) a 70-point level one day become a 120-point level sculptor?


Perhaps it is unlikely that you will be able to do so.


In order for that to happen, I believe one needs to taste the 120-point area, even if only once.


This feeling may be the same for music.


Indeed, the basic principle is
completionism is more important than perfectionism. 




Completion is certainly important, but it is also important to know at what level of completion and how satisfactory (perfect) that completion is.


That’s what I thought.


In case you’re wondering.

The writing camp was a great learning experience and inspiration for me.


However, as mentioned above, the story made me think a lot about completionism, perfectionism, and creativity, again.


I’m still in the thinking stage, and I don’t have the answer in my mind.


Muscle (muscle training) that mass-produces a 70-point level

Muscle (muscle training) that produces a small amount of 120-point level

I also wondered if these were different things.

(Habit of immediately connecting it to muscles. LOL)


Both muscles (muscle training) are important.


And since each person’s body (personality) is unique, I believe that each person’s muscle training menu should also be unique.


I believe that some people can become perfect by continuing to complete it, and others cannot.

Some may or may not speed up the completion process once they experience the realm of perfection.



The most important thing is to always keep thinking, “What is best and suitable for me?” Keep thinking about your own strength training menu. Because you are the one who knows yourself best.


You have to keep thinking for yourself, not “because someone told me to.”


All in all, this was a week that made me think a lot about “completion,” “perfection,” and “creativity.


I wrote all of this at once in my freshly-returned-emotional state.


Sorry for the long rambling.


See you then.



I know I’m serious about a lot of things, but Taiwan was great! Taiwanese people were all nice and kind. And of course, the Japanese members were nice too! After 3 days of canned food, I just enjoyed one day. Gap between the pictures and the blog. LOL!




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