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Google releases MusicLM, an AI model that automatically generates music from text!

【Google to release MusicLM, an AI model that automatically generates music from text, clears ethical challenges for training data sets.】 https://gigazine.net/news/20230511-google-musiclm-from-ai-test-kitchen/   ・Google announced that MusicLM, an AI that automatically generates music from typed...


The birth of AI newscasters. Let’s seriously envision a future (world) where AI will do the jobs humans do today.

【Kuwait’s First AI Newscaster in the Country】 https://karapaia.com/archives/52321753.html   ・Kuwait News, Kuwait’s news organization, has launched Fedha, the country’s first AI (artificial intelligence) newscast. ・Fedha’s blonde hair and light eye color reflect the racial...


A large amount of copyrighted works are being produced by AI such as ChatGPT. The world is becoming a place where the line between human and AI creativity, copyrights, etc. are blurred.

【A large number of “books authored by ChatGPT” are sold on Amazon.】 https://gigazine.net/news/20230222-chatgpt-book-amazon/   ・A large number of “books written in a short time using ChatGPT” are listed on Amazon. ・The problem of “unintentionally...


Amazing! An AI tool that allows you to speak in its learned voice if you have just a 3-second voice sample.

【All it takes is “three seconds of voice”. Microsoft is developing an AI with an amazing ability to mimic the human voice.】 https://www.lifehacker.jp/article/2301-gizmodo-microsoft-ai-voice-mimic-deepfake-natural-copy-audio/   ・Microsoft’s VALL-E AI tool is based on Meta’s encoded speech...


Research shows that collaborative works between AI and humans are the highest rated. Considering the relationship between AI and humans in future creativity.

【The beauty of “AI Haiku” is equal to that of human works, and the joint works of AI and humans are the most beautiful.  Kyoto University Research】 https://www.itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/2211/08/news085.html   ・Haiku written by AI alone...