Will AI be able to understand animal languages? Imagine a world where we can communicate with animals

【Researchers Trying to Harness the Power of AI to Understand Animals’ Language】


An international research team led by Professor Christian Lutz of the University of St. Andrews in the UK is trying to decipher the language of animals using AI that can translate various languages

The professors are having AI analyze animal signals recorded as audio and video to decipher what they mean.



These are the quotes from the article




Imagine a world where we can communicate with animals


Nowadays, it is very easy to translate foreign languages using translation apps. I believe this is thanks to technology such as AI, but will AI be able to decipher and translate even animal languages in the future?


The biggest problem is that the amount of data for AI to learn is still very small and it is very difficult to collect data.


However, it would be relatively easy to collect data on pets such as dogs and cats. So, in terms of ease of data collection, it may be highly likely that decoding and translation of animal language will be realized from dogs and cats.


But when I imagine a world in which we are able to communicate, I feel that it is not necessarily a good thing.


Because imagine what a pet dog or cat would say.


I feel that there will be many requests and complaints, such as, “Give me food,” “I want to go for a walk,” “I don’t want to take a bath,” and so on.^^



For example, a dog’s intelligence is said to be about 3 or 4 years old, which is about the same as a human’s, so it is probably inevitable that they would say all those things.^^;


I have heard it said that when a human child learns to speak and starts talking about things, it becomes half as cute,

Does this mean that cute little creatures are basically cuter when they don’t speak?



Even if you think in the case of animals other than dogs and cats, it is possible that all they do is make demands and complain. Because if we think about livestock (animal husbandry), destruction of nature, etc., not all words from animals to humans should be pleasant.^^;


The above professor says, “Ultimately, I want to change our culture to one that is more respectful of the various creatures that live together on the same planet.


I imagine a lot of things, but I don’t think that understanding an animal’s language will help you build a good relationship with it. On the contrary, it may create a rift.

Deciphering and translating the language of animals is extremely valuable, but at the same time we humans need to have the nostalgia and readiness to accept the language of animals.


I thought of this when I imagined a future in which we could communicate with animals.


For better or worse, some worlds were established because they were ambiguous.

And words can clarify the ambiguity.


That’s what I thought.


See you then.

Thinking back on my late dog, Ami, the times I wished I could communicate with her were when she seemed to be in poor health. As a dog owner, it was hardest for me not to know what was wrong with her. When Ami was healthy, I didn’t think so much about wishing I could communicate with her. LOL.

You can think of it this way: “Positive people can be happy together without words, but negative people need more words to solve their problems. Hmmm.



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