Watching negative news all the time is damaging your physical and mental health. Think about how you deal with the news.

【Reading “negative news” all the time is detrimental to your physical and mental health.】


“Doomscrolling” is the continuous consumption of negative news on the Internet.

・A Texas Tech University (TTU) study showed that people who have more opportunities for doomscrolling are more likely to have poorer mental and physical health

Clearly shows that limiting the receipt of negative news is effective in protecting physical and mental health

When doomscrolling was gradually curbed, people reported feeling less anxious and stressed and were able to communicate better with others

4 Ways to Avoid Doomscrolling

①Decide when to check the news

②Ensure that news is not “forced” on you.
(For example, turning off news app notifications.)

③Set up “obstacles” to break the vicious cycle

(For example, put the news app in a hard-to-open location.)

④Work with your family to set “rules” for watching the news.
(When family members watch TV news, it can affect you. One way is to set rules for watching the news with your family.)


・Information gathering itself is important, but balance is important to protect physical and mental health.



These are the quotes from the article




Distance and facing the news


I basically only turn on the TV when I eat. (I eat alone because there is no conversation when I eat alone)


I find myself getting sick if I keep watching daytime wide shows or news. When I find myself like that, I either change the channel to a program unrelated to the news or turn off the TV.


People who have many opportunities for doomscrolling mentioned above are prone to poor mental and physical health.
I understand this as a real feeling.


Why not try these four ways to avoid doomscrolling, such as deciding when to watch the news?


After all,

Watching the news, especially negative news, for a long time or repeatedly, is not recommended for physical and mental health.


Also, I, personally, have a great thought about the news.


News is basically rare and exciting. That’s right. Otherwise, it would not catch people’s attention. For example, if someone’s peaceful daily life is broadcast as news, it will hardly attract attention.^^


On the other hand, if the news is all about someone’s good deeds, then what kind of world is that? I would think, “What kind of world is that?(If evil were the standard in the world, good deeds might make the news.)


So, what I’m trying to say is,


The news reports are often cruel or sickening,

On the flip side,

Cruel and sickening things are rare and infrequent in today’s world, which is why they make the news.

To put it differently,

The news is full of evil, but most things in the world are good.^^


If you think in this way, you may feel less anxious and fearful about the world. I think we are less likely to fall to the dark side. (Just thinking that the world is basically good makes you feel better.)


Like the article above,

It is important to consider the distance from the news, though,

As I have written so far,

It may be even more important to think about how you feel about the news and how you deal with it.


In this day and age, it is easy to get into a state of information and news overload due to smartphones as well as television. In other words, it is easy to fall into doomscrolling.


Let’s think carefully about how to distance ourselves from the news and how to face it.


See you then.



In extreme cases, even if you don’t watch the news for a few days, it is unlikely to interfere with your life. It may be enough to have a quick glance at the list in a short period of time for the news. For the sake of your mental and physical health.




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