Research on the well-being of “too busy” and “too bored” people. Neither too busy nor too busy, a balance for each person.

【Busy people” and “people with too much free time” have different levels of happiness in their lives.:Results of Research】


・UCLA social psychologist studies impact of free time on happiness

・UCLA examined data that included information on the average free time of 35,375 Americans.

Examined time spent on leisure activities and compared to satisfaction with overall daily life

The results showed that those most satisfied with their daily lives spend between 2 and 5 hours of free time per day, while those with less than 2 hours are more stressed and those with more than 5 hours are dissatisfied

・Too little of a good thing makes us burnt out and unhappy, but too much of a good thing makes us feel less special and less joyful than we would have felt with a moderate amount



These are the quotes from the article




No one should be too busy or have too much free time, a balance for each person.


As a freelancer, I am very grateful for the work I receive. However, there are times when the requests come all at once, and other times when they stop coming. In fact, I would like the requests to come in moderately regularly, but that is not always the case. But it doesn’t work out that way.


When I’m extremely busy, I say, “Oh my God! I need some time to myself!”

When I’m extremely bored, I’m like, “Oh, I’m not wanted, I’m lonely, I’m anxious…”


Thus, it can be negative!、However, it depends on how you think about it,


When I am extremely busy, I say to myself, “Ahhhh! I’m so happy that people want me!”

When I’m extremely free, I’m happy that I have so much time to myself!


Thus, we can think positively.


Really, the events are the same, but everything depends on how we perceive and think about it.


I’ve told you a long story that is common to freelancers. I’m sorry for the long preamble.


However, a good balance is still important.


The study above looked at the relationship between the amount of free time in a day and the level of happiness of busy and bored people.


Once again,

To summarize briefly,


Free hours per day,

Less than 2 hours: Stress

2 to 5 hours: Satisfied

More than 5 hours: Dissatisfied


There seems to be a trend toward this


This is data from Americans, but it seems to be one guide.


However, we must not forget that balance also varies from person to person.


Some people can balance at 5:5 out of 10, others at 6:4 or 7:3.


I would like to find my own balance of free time, using the above study as one guide.


Trial and error is still important for this purpose.

Through guidelines and trial and error, you will find your own balance.


This is true not only for free time, but also for sleep time and other things.


It’s really important. Finding your balance.


See you then.


Why is that person always so busy?” I think it is really important to consider that each person has his/her own balance of free time. I think it is really important to consider that the balance is different for each person.




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