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The era of sound source separation has arrived in earnest!

【What is “Sound Source Separation by AI,” Used by the Beatles? Exploring the Potential of Technology to Support Musical Creativity】 https://realsound.jp/tech/2023/07/post-1367452.html   ・Sound Source Separation technology allows artists and music creators to extract only...


AI earbuds are now available that cancel out noise, a threat to autistic people. We are entering an era of personalized noise cancellation.

【AI earbuds now available that completely cancel out noise, a threat to autistic people.】 https://www.turtlewiz.jp/archives/37168   ・Samsung and Cheil Worldwide Spain Develop Breakthrough AI App “Unfear” to Completely Cancel Noise Threatening Autistic People ・The...


With the rise of music streaming services, the number of people listening to old music surges → stagnation of new music culture?

【Argument that the rise of Spotify and Apple Music has led to a surge in the percentage of people listening to “old music” and the danger of cultural stagnation.】 https://gigazine.net/news/20220827-music-consumption-dominance-old-songs/   ・Music streaming services...