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Generating AI Assistants to Sports Tactics. Power of the State = Power of AI = Power of Sports?

【Soccer Generative AI Assistant for Tactics, Google Deep Mind】 https://www.technologyreview.jp/s/331910/google-deepminds-new-ai-assistant-helps-elite-soccer-coaches-get-even-better/   ・A new artificial intelligence (AI) assistant developed by Google DeepMind suggests better set-piece tactics than those devised by professional soccer coaches. ・Called TacticAI,...


An “indicator of affluence” is being constructed and proposed as an alternative to GDP. How to deal with indicators.

【At last, an “index of affluence” will be constructed in earnest to replace GDP.ーspecial feature「THE WORLD IN 2023」】 https://wired.jp/article/vol47-the-world-in-2023-measuring-our-true-riches/   ・UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for an end to the use of GDP as...