Generating AI Assistants to Sports Tactics. Power of the State = Power of AI = Power of Sports?

【Soccer Generative AI Assistant for Tactics, Google Deep Mind】


A new artificial intelligence (AI) assistant developed by Google DeepMind suggests better set-piece tactics than those devised by professional soccer coaches.

・Called TacticAI, the system works by analyzing a dataset of 7,176 corner kicks taken by players from Liverpool FC, one of the world’s biggest soccer teams.

・For example, it suggests recommendations on the best combination of players to send up front and the placement of players to maximize the probability of a goal during a corner kick. It also predicts the outcome of the corner kick, such as whether it will lead to a shot or which player is most likely to touch the ball first.

TacticAI’s predictive capabilities are not limited to corner kicks. The same technique could easily be applied to other set pieces, to play in general throughout a match, and even to other sports such as American football, field hockey, and basketball.


The above is a quote from the article






Power of the country = power of sports = power of AI?


AI is being used in many places, such as chatGPT, generative AI, etc. AI is likely to start being used in sports as well.


The article above is about having AI analyze and suggest tactics for soccer, but AI will probably be introduced more and more in other sports in the future. (You can read that at the end of the article.)


【The Olympics and national prestige, the number of medals and the deep relationship between economic power and the number of medals】


It is well known that there is a deep correlation between the number of Olympic medals and a country’s economic strength.


However, in the future, we may see an element of AI and other technology power in there. (Correlation between the number of Olympic medals and a country’s AI technology power)


Incidentally, Japan’s GDP (economic power) has been declining due to many factors such as population decline. It is estimated that the number of medals from the Tokyo Olympics peaked and will be on a declining trend in the future. It is speculated that the number of medals from the Tokyo Olympics will peak and then trend downward in the future.


However, this is only a guess based on the economic power correlation, so if Japan increases its AI technology power, there may be an increase in the number of medals.

Well, at present, we are only talking about American AI, and it is unknown how strong Japan’s AI technology is.


Anyway, we will be watching the power of Japanese sports in the future. From there, we may be able to catch a glimpse of Japan’s underlying strength as a nation.


See you then


Having an environment (peace) where people can devote themselves to sports leads to the strength of sports, so in that sense, I hope that Japanese sports will always be active.



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