The importance of distinguishing between “the scientific correct answer” and “the correct answer for me.”

【As a personal trainer, the answer I would most like to give to the question, “When is the most effective time to exercise?】


・Efficiency is the name of the game for modern man. Efficiency! Quick! are often used because there is a demand to take the shortest course, but in fitness, we often see cases where the shortcut is actually a detour. If you don’t distinguish between the “scientific correct answer” and the “right answer for you,” you will get stuck in this maze!

・There is no one clear answer, but the trend is that exercise first thing in the morning is probably the most effective when it comes to fat burning.

・There is a problem with this science answer. It’s long-term effects.

・For example, suppose a study compared weight change between a group that exercised in the morning and a group that exercised at night over a 16-week period. Even if the results showed that “morning exercise had a greater effect” over that period of time, it does not necessarily mean that the same results would be true after 17 weeks.

There is also the problem of continuity. If a night person forces himself to do morning activities, he will not continue.

・Whatever the purpose of exercise, if you “only improve for a few months and then eventually get back to normal after that,” your effort and time will have been wasted. It is important to choose a more efficient method. If the method is not sustainable, its efficiency is meaningless. If you don’t continue, even the most effective method in the world cannot change your body.

Priority should be given to “what can be continued.” In the long run, that may be the most efficient thing to do.

The scientific opinion is only a hint, and it is important to find your own correct answer based on that hint.



These are the quotes from the article




The importance of distinguishing between “the scientific correct answer” and “the correct answer for me.”


The quote is long because it seemed to speak for what I have always thought.


Various studies have shown that it is good to exercise in the morning when metabolism is high.


However, I exercise late at night, as I do every day. This is because I am a night person and I cannot do morning activities. As mentioned above, if I try to force myself to do morning activities, there is a high possibility that I will not continue. That would be meaningless, wouldn’t it?


What is essentially important,

It is about continuing to do what is good for you.


Continuation is the key to success.


For example, if morning exercise has a 10 effect and evening exercise has a 7 effect,

No matter how effective 10 is, if you cannot continue to exercise in the morning, it is definitely better to continue to exercise at night, which has an effect of 7, all the way through.


These things are not just about exercise.


There is a lot of “correct information” in the world. But they are not correct answers, but only hints. I believe that the true correct answer is only inside of us. I think it is important to find the right answer in your own way.


To this end, it is important to gather information and to make self-observations about who you are. The image is that of reconciling these elements and deriving a correct answer in one’s own way.


So I will continue to keep up my late night exercise routine.


Above, I likened the effectiveness of evening exercise to a 7, because for me, it’s more likely to be a 10 in the long run.


We hope you will use the various hints to find your own correct answer.


See you then.



In this blog, I will introduce the results of various studies, but I would like to keep the above ideas in mind.




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