Research shows that collaborative works between AI and humans are the highest rated. Considering the relationship between AI and humans in future creativity.

【The beauty of “AI Haiku” is equal to that of human works, and the joint works of AI and humans are the most beautiful.  Kyoto University Research】


・Haiku written by AI alone are as beautiful as human works, and haiku written by AI and human collaborators are even more beautiful (study)

・Suggests the possibility of creating with AI to produce more creative works than before

・An experiment was also conducted in which participants were asked to guess whether the work was human or AI, but they could not tell whether it was human or AI work.

・On the other hand, it was also found that the more haiku participants thought were “created by AI,” the lower the beauty rating



These are the quotes from the article




The future relationship between AI and humans in creativity


I have written many times in previous blogs about how humans and AI will be paired up in the future, and this study makes me think about how humans and AI should be paired up in creativity.


The current study was、

1. Haiku written only by AI
2, Haiku written by AI and selected by humans
3, Haiku written by humans in Saijiki

I evaluated (and had subjects evaluate) these three groups of works,


The ranking means that 2 was the highest rated and 1 and 3 were equally rated.


This means that the joint works by AI and humans were the most highly rated.

Well, think of it as the best of both AI and humans,This is a natural result, but I wondered if there could be a different pattern for joint works between AI and humans.


It is,

In this case, “AI creates and humans select,

However, it may be possible to create joint works in the pattern of “humans create and AI selects”.


AI quantifying and evaluating what humans do is also done in various fields. I think this is an idea that can be applied to creative fields such as this one.


So, if you are going to do a similar study in the future,

・Human only
・AI only
・AI (create) → human (select)
・Human (create) → AI (select)

I would like to have these four patterns of work to compare and evaluate.


It will be interesting to see how the power relationship between these four will evolve. (Right now, “AI to humans” is in the lead, but it remains to be seen if it will be the clear winner or if others will follow suit.)


Also, I think I understand in terms of feelings that when people find out that it is an AI that is making the work, their evaluation of the work goes down, and this is also an important point.


The four power relations, and the extent to which they disclose their makers, is a point of interest and importance.



Perhaps we should also think carefully about where we ourselves will operate in the four groups in the future.


See you then.



If we think in terms of the loss of reputation if discovered, ghostwriters are likely to be born in the AI world, just as there are ghostwriters in the human world.^^




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