Are emotional women less credible and less persuasive than emotional men? (Research findings) Consider this in relation to a society in which women thrive.

【Men do not lose more credibility with others than women, even if they are rated as “emotional.”】


・Research shows that only women who are labeled “emotional” or ordered to “calm down” have less trust in a person’s opinion

・When women and men were each considered ’emotional’ in the exact same situation, the female character (who was the one to argue) tended to be perceived as more emotional than the male.

・The stereotype that “women are more emotional than men” remains the most powerful stereotype associated with gender

・Gender-based stereotypes about emotions are a fundamental barrier to women’s advancement and success as leaders.”

・For female leaders, the study points out that issues related to the display of emotions create a double bind. That is, a female leader who shows her emotions over trivial matters will lose her reputation, but conversely, a female leader who does not show her emotions too much may also lose her reputation



These are the quotes from the article




s there a link between “emotional appreciation of women” and “a society in which women can thrive?”


I, for one, remember a blog I wrote a while back.↓


【Are Angry Men More Persuasive and Angry Women Less Persuasive? (Study results)】


「The experiment showed that angry men were more easily persuaded by the opinions of angry men and less easily persuaded by the opinions of angry women.」


It links to what you are saying about the above study, doesn’t it?


In other words,


Emotional men’s persuasiveness and credibility don’t go down, though,

Emotional women’s persuasiveness and credibility tend to go down.


This is reaffirmed.


Yes, I might be a bit taken back if I try and imagine an emotional woman.

But I also think that this is a kind of stereotype, or a strong stereotypical element. (Stereotypes like “women should be gentle and demure.”)


The above story about the double bind of female leaders is also somewhat pitiful. If you are emotional, you get less credit, but if you don’t show emotion, it’s harder to get credit for that. (Because if you’re not emotional, you can’t make a strong point.)


But, ladies, let’s have a little hope.


According to the article above,

In the 2019 survey, about 13% of men and women combined said they doubt that women are emotionally suited for politics.13%That’s a pretty high number, but considering that at its peak in the 1970s, the percentage of people who said women were unfit for politics was nearly 50%, it’s moving in a much better direction (This is a U.S. survey.).


So, as a recognition of the current situation,


Emotional men’s persuasiveness and credibility don’t go down, though,

Emotional women’s persuasiveness and credibility tend to go down.

but this trend is dissipating.


If these issues are resolved, the number of female leaders and their activities may be promoted more and more.


It also means that the stereotypes of men (and women?) s stereotypes will also change and dissolve. This means calm acceptance and acceptance of emotional women.


Perhaps there is a link between the degree of acceptance of emotional women and the degree to which women are active.


Let us pay attention to and be aware of this area, both in society as a whole and in our personal relationships.


See you then.


It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, just being emotional is not OK. I think “emotional” with substance, content and meaning is OK.。




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