Bill would hide news on Facebook in Canada. Who owns the news?

【Meta to End Display of News in Canada–After Passage of Bill Requiring Compensation】


・Meta Platforms announced on June 22 (U.S. time) that it will no longer display news on Facebook and Instagram for all Canadian users.

・The Online News Act (Bill C-18), which requires Meta and Google to pay news organizations a fee for news use, was passed by the Canadian Parliament on the same day.

・Meta had warned in May that if the law passed, news publishers, broadcasters, and other news organizations would be forced to end the display of their content

・Under the law, Google and Meta will have to negotiate with Canadian news broadcasters, radio stations, and other news organizations to determine royalties for news appearing in Facebook feeds and Google search results



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Who owns the news in the first place?


We usually see a lot of news from various media.


I think Facebook and Google are one of them,

It seems that Canada has passed a law that says, “If you quote news in your service, pay the news organizations well for the use of the news,” and from now on, Facebook and Instagram in Canada will not display news.


It is well known that Google News has been sued by various news organizations all over the world. (According to my research, Google is still being sued by news organizations all over the world. )


It is true that we may want to complain if our content is used without our permission.

I might be inclined to complain if my music was free to be used as much as I wanted without my permission.

I think the same applies to news content,

Who owns the news in the first place? I, genuinely, had such a question. ^^

For example,

Music belongs to the person who created it.

But you know what?

News is generated, not created, right?

If you think that if you do your own reporting and put it together, i.e., create news content, it belongs to the person who created the news content, well, that might make sense.


Those who enjoy what is made pay for it, and those who made it receive their rewards.

This is not surprising.


For example,

In Japanese TV, all the channels carry similar news, but in this case, I wonder if it means that they are paying royalties to the original news content creators.^^


Oh yeah,

Last night, there was a coup-like incident in Russia.

I was very surprised and tried to gather information in my own way.

I couldn’t find any real-time information on Japanese TV (mass media),

In the end, I was able to get the latest information from a Russian affairs expert on Twitter. (The major Japanese mass media was half a day behind in their coverage.)


I think this kind of real-time, up-to-date information is very valuable news, but in this case, who is paying and who is getting paid?


There are countless news services and websites out there, such as Yahoo News and LINE News,

I’m not sure what news is, who is the creator who should be paid, and who should pay, considering all the above.


Really, who owns the news?


I apologize for the lengthy discussion of the above in relation to current events.


See you then.



If the same news item gets some original consideration, it would also be a great news content. But in that case, does the person who discussed it get a reward? Does the person who brings the original news get paid? A double structure? A middle margin? The existence of news is interesting.



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