In 2024, an automatic translation function will be implemented on YouTube. Toward an era without global information disparity.

【Finally, YouTube to Feature “Automatic Translation Voice-over” by AI】


・Aloud is researching AI transcription and dubbing of audio and movies; YouTube took over Aloud’s research team on AI automated translation dubbing and announced on June 22, 2023 that the functionality will be included by 2024.

・Looking at the actual movie, in addition to the original English, you can select Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, or Hindi as the dubbed voice. When you actually switch between these languages, you can see that only the human voices are translated and dubbed into the other languages, while the background music playing in the background of the movie remains the same.

・The plan is to officially implement the system in 2024. At the time of writing, English, Spanish, and Portuguese dubbing is available, with more languages to be supported in the future!



These are the quotes from the article




Moving toward an era of no global information disparity as long as people are connected to the Internet.


Many people use YouTube, but sometimes, when they browse through interesting-looking foreign videos, they may not understand the content.


In 2024, it seems that an automatic translation function will be implemented,

(Hopefully Japanese will be implemented as well. I’m sure it will be implemented eventually)


If you do, you will be able to enjoy videos from all over the world in a normal way. You will be able to smoothly understand the content of videos from all over the world.


This is a great thing.


【The world is full of possibilities to touch 20% fine quality.】


Earlier in my blog, I introduced you to Austin Russell, a 25-year-old billionaire. He is the CEO of a self-driving technology company, and it was quite shocking to hear that all the knowledge he has acquired so far comes from Wikipedia and YouTube.


I thought at the time that as long as one was connected to the Internet, there was no such thing as an information gap, and anyone could be successful,


If I wanted to make the excuse, “But knowledge of foreign information (videos) is not easy to obtain,” I could still do so.


But if an automatic translation function is implemented, like this one, it will be true, As long as you are connected to the Internet, there is no information gap.


I was reminded that we are entering such an era.


In the days not so long ago, the information available to the general public was not much. (Information Gap Era)


This makes me think that the world is becoming a much fairer place in terms of information.


In the future, it will be important to know how to seize and utilize this information.


In a sense, we are in an open information society, a sea of information, and we should swim well and not drown in it.


See you then.


Yes, I wonder how it works that only the voice is translated while the background music remains the same? This point is also too amazing.




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