Research shows that obese people break down alcohol faster. Read what it says.

【It was found that alcohol is broken down 52% faster in obese than in standard weight!】


・A study conducted at the University of Illinois at Urbana (UIUC) in the United States showed that obese women break down alcohol 52% faster than women of a healthy weight

・Since obese people tend to be larger in weight, it is easy to predict that the amount of alcohol they can drink is greater. Interestingly, however, the study found that the rate of alcohol breakdown also increases faster with obesity

・It was found that people with higher BMI had a faster rate of alcohol breakdown, but it was also found that people with higher BMI had greater non-fat weight.

・So, we conclude that the reason people with larger BMIs appear to break down alcohol faster is because people with larger BMIs tend to have larger non-fat weights and consequently larger livers.



These are the quotes from the article




Alcohol is broken down faster in people who are “stocky” rather than “fat”.


Fat people have an image of being strong drinkers.


In this study,

found that fat people not only have a higher total amount of alcohol they can drink, but also break down alcohol faster.


An interesting point.
The point is that upon closer examination, it was found that the larger the non-fat weight, the faster the alcohol breakdown.


In other words, people with a strong skeletal structure, such as bones and muscles, which form the foundation of the body, are able to break down alcohol faster.


Strong skeleton = large blood volume and liver = fast decomposition, strong drinking


This is the diagram.



It is also interesting to note that after weight loss surgery, the rate of alcohol breakdown was reduced.

That said, it is possible that the liver may have squeezed along with the weight loss.


To summarize in my own way,

The rate and strength of alcohol breakdown is enhanced the more blood you have and the larger your liver, the stronger it is (fat-boned people tend to be that way).

It is possible that fat people have a stronger element of this, but it is by no means due to the amount of fat.




It is the season for beer and other alcoholic beverages.


Since fat people tend to drink more than others, it is important to note that this can lead to a vicious cycle: more drinking, more eating and drinking, more weight gain, more drinking and more pickles, more weight gain, more weight gain, and so on.


Be aware of your body, your skeleton, your blood volume, your liver, etc., and enjoy drinking. (If you think about these things, you won’t be drinking deeply ^^)


See you then.



The story that people become weaker drinkers as they get older may also be due to the fact that the body shrinks with age = total blood volume decreases = the liver shrinks, and that is why.




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