Men should sit down to urinate, and why.

【Should Men Pee Sitting Down? Benefits of Sitting, Survey Finds Worldwide】


・British men were found to be the least likely to sit down in Europe. The country with the fewest sitting groups in the surveyed countries was Mexico, where 36% said they never sit down to urinate. German men, on the other hand, were the most sedentary, with 40% saying they always sit and 22% saying they almost always sit.

・Although Japan was not included in this study, another study in 2020 found that 70% of Japanese men urinate sitting down

・Studies have shown that sitting down to urinate is good for men’s health. According to one researcher, sitting allows the bladder to empty more quickly and more completely.

・Many say that sitting down is better for mental health because you can take a break in a quiet space and have time to think.

・According to American academics, pee breaks up into droplets within a few centimeters after it comes out and hits each other, potentially splashing over a wide area. They also recommend a sitting position because the splash from hitting the surface of the toilet bowl can stain the inside of the toilet and objects placed on it.

・According to Euronews, some feminists and those on the left believe that patriarchal attitudes have led to inconsiderate male toilet behavior and that sitting down is a more respectful way to show respect for women. On the other hand, the right may argue that bending the masculine characteristic of urinating standing up and making men sit down is “domestication” of men, and the time when sitting down will be the majority may still be a long way off.




These are the quotes from the article




For scientific and hygienic merit, you’re better off sitting down to urinate.


I am the one who has been sitting down to urinate for a long time now.




Here is a video showing a UV visualization of urine from urinating standing up. After seeing these types of videos, I started to urinate sitting down.


As you can see in the video, isn’t it amazing how much urine splashes outside the toilet bowl? (According to one study, a single urination can cause several hundred drops of water to splash within a one-meter radius, or about 2,000 drops in a day. In fact, the urine from the penis is not released in a straight line, but is spread out like a shower, just not visible).

If I saw something like this, I would sit down and take a piss.


There seem to be some advantages of sitting down to urinate, like the bladder emptying faster, but “Urine doesn’t splash outside the toilet bowl, so it’s more sanitary!” In my opinion, this is the most important advantage of sitting down to urinate.


On the other hand,

There is no particular advantage to pissing standing up, is there?

Like, manly?

No one sees a bathroom, so that can’t be an advantage. LOL!


I still recommend a seated urination, which has many advantages.


Also, I want to say more.

Close the toilet seat lid when flushing!


If you watch the video above, you can easily imagine how much water droplets and spray are splashed around when flushed.


Personally, I believe that during the corona vortex, people all over the world should have been educated on the use of toilets, along with the recommendation of masks. (Couldn’t the infection have been spread by toilet spray, etc.?)


Reading the above article, it seems that worldwide, the sitting down to urinate group is still in the minority. I hope they will soon become the majority and become the norm. For the sake of hygiene. I also hope that those who flush with the lid closed will also quickly become the majority!


The above is a powerful argument about sitting urine.


Have a good restroom life.


When I have a large group of visitors, I am the one who puts a sign on the toilet stating “Sit down to urinate, close the lid and flush”. I always want to keep the toilets clean. Clean toilets = rich people. LOL.




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