Amazon One, Amazon’s hand-held authentication. Biometrics will be the standard in the future.

【Now you can buy alcohol just by holding up your palm; Amazon’s biometric payment adds age verification feature】


Amazon One, Amazon’s biometric payment system that links your palm to your credit card, allowing you to make purchases simply by holding your palm over a reader.

・As of May 22, the age verification function was added to “Amazon One”. This allows customers to purchase alcoholic beverages, which used to require age verification, with just the palm of their hand.

・The purpose of the new feature is to streamline and expedite the previously manual age verification process for alcohol purchases


These are the quotes from the article




Biometrics is the standard for future authentication systems


Amazon’s palm recognition. That’s great. It looks useful.

In this day and age, more and more people are shopping without wallets, carrying only their smartphones and using smartphone payments. A few years from now, perhaps more and more people will be shopping without even carrying a smartphone (with palm-authenticated payment).


Amazon is truly amazing, not only for its online shopping and delivery services, but also for building rockets, AI, and many other foundations of the world.


It is kind of sad to see it compared to the issue of Japan’s My Number Card. Is Japan’s digital technology not only behind the curve, but not even started?


For Japan, which has not even started yet,

Perhaps it is only natural that Amazon and Google are used in the Japanese government’s “digital agency” system. (At first, I wondered, “Is it safe to put American services inside the Japanese government?” )


Palm recognition will eventually be introduced to the Japanese market. (The Japanese government has already introduced Amazon.)


If it were introduced, I would feel a little sad, but at the same time, I would probably think that it would be very convenient, because I would not have to press the adult confirmation button every time I buy alcohol at a convenience store.


I was imagining such things.


See you then.



There are, of course, management and social and private issues, but there is no doubt that the authentication system of the future will be biometric authentication, such as palm recognition. Also, I was reminded that the gap between “Japan, which does not tolerate even the slightest failure” and “the U.S., which keeps pushing forward while making and correcting mistakes” is only getting wider and wider.




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