Milk is a Taste, Not a Health Food. Learn from the latest research.

【Milk = big bones was a mistake! Shocking Study Finds “The More Milk a Country Drinks, the More Bone Fractures it Suffers】


Does a child drinking milk make them as tall as an American? No. (If nutrition is adequate, height is determined by genetics.)

Does milk strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis? No. (A recent study showed that femur fractures occur more frequently in countries with a high intake of dairy products than in countries with a low intake of dairy products. Countries that drink more milk have more osteoporosis.)

・In 2014, a study by Professor Carl Michelson and his group at Uppsala University in Sweden found that drinking more than three glasses of milk a day not only does not prevent bone fractures, it doubles the mortality rate (high milk intake increases oxidative stress).

Lactose in milk is made up of glucose and galactose. That galactose has also been suggested to promote aging.

In contrast, fermented dairy products such as yogurt and cheese not only did not cause oxidative stress, but also reduced fracture risk, in addition to increasing life expectancy, especially in women. In short, milk shortens life expectancy, but yogurt and cheese extend it?

・The conclusion that milk increases fractures and mortality must be followed up and confirmed in other countries with different milk intake.



These are the quotes from the article




Milk is not a health food but a luxury item


It seems that a vegetarian who eats fish and eggs is called a pescatarian, but I don’t drink that much milk, probably because I was a pescatarian until I was about 20. (I rarely buy it myself)


And as a bit of a health nerd, I knew a bit of the negative information about milk as mentioned above, which kept me away from it even more so.


Having said that, I was not that concerned about that negative information either, as I thought it was not absolute,


This article makes me curious. ^^; Maybe I will more consciously avoid milk in the future?


Actually, it was me yesterday who happened to be browsing YouTube for negative information about milk.


This is a long video, so only if you are really interested.^^


Information is really a strange thing, and information is becoming more and more linked.

(It is possible that I arrived at the above article because I was deeply conscious of it.^^;)


Here is a brief introduction to the content in the video,


・About 80% of Japanese cannot digest and absorb milk.

・Two out of three people are lactose intolerant

・Gasein” in milk causes asthma, atopy, and allergies

・Milk is not particularly high in calcium compared to other foods


Etc. etc,

Well, I knew this information about this area too,

「In the first place, cow’s milk is only produced when a child is born. In order to force them to always produce milk, large amounts of hormones are injected into dairy cows. In other words, the cows are soaked in hormones.」


I did not know this information.

For me personally, the information here is more important than the above article, which makes me want to avoid milk.^^;


So far, I have provided you with quite a bit of negative information about milk, but I do not intend to say, nor have I ever said, “Don’t drink milk at all.


Because I believe that milk is not a health food, but a luxury item.


Well, it’s just like drinking.。

Even alcohol, the latest research shows that even a drop of alcohol is negative for your health. (Scientifically, there is no such thing as “alcohol is the best of all medicines.”)


Knowing this, I enjoy alcohol in moderation.

If a pleasant drink makes me feel healthier, I feel like I’m prioritizing that plus.


So, milk between the same tastes should be treated in the same way.


By the way, I don’t drink much milk, but I like cheese very much.

Unlike milk, the above article seems to be positive for health with regard to yogurt and cheese, so let’s continue to be grateful for them.


Regardless, the important thing is, information, understand it, and then decide in your own way. and understand the information.


This is true for more than just milk.


I know the milk information I have written so far is only part of the story,

Please gather information and understand in your own way and have a good milk life.^^


See you then.



If a recipe calls for milk, I always substitute soy milk.




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