Could looking at the checkerboard pattern help clean out your brain similar to when you sleep?

【Possibility of flushing out “brain waste” with visual stimulation, even while awake!】


・A study conducted at Boston University in the United States showed that when the brain is released from constant visual stimulation, the amount of “cerebrospinal fluid” increases, which may help push brain waste away.

・The “brain cleaning” effect of cerebrospinal fluid was thought to occur mainly during sleep, but this discovery raises the possibility that brain cleaning can occur intentionally even in the waking state.

・While the subjects were in the MRI, they watched a checkerboard display in front of them that repeated every 16 seconds for an hour, with a checkerboard pattern and no image on the display. The results showed that the flickering checkerboard pattern delivered a strong visual stimulus to the brain and caused an influx of cerebrospinal fluid, albeit slightly more than during sleep.

・If we can establish a method to intentionally flush out brain waste, we may be able to prevent the deterioration of brain function caused by the accumulation of waste, such as aging and Alzheimer’s disease.


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Can looking at a checkerboard pattern really clean out the brain as well as sleep?


Might we be able to clean out our brains through sleep, even in our waking state? By gazing at a flickering checkerboard pattern.

Very interesting.


As you all know, the brain cannot work without sleep. This is because the waste accumulated by brain activity is not washed away by sleep (brain cleaning).


If such brain cleaning (influx of cerebrospinal fluid) can be done consciously in the awake state, it would be a great breakthrough.



I suspect that cleaning the brain with visual stimuli such as this one will not work.


Why I think so,

If the waves and influx of cerebrospinal fluid distributed around the brain and spinal cord flush out waste products, then it follows that physically moving the head (brain) and neck (spinal cord) should have the same effect. But that’s not true, is it? (I’ve never heard of active people or athletes being short sleepers, for example)


In other words, for brain cleaning, it is still necessary for the brain to be at rest (during sleep) and still have an influx of cerebrospinal fluid.



Inspecting and cleaning a computer with the power off

Inspecting and cleaning a car with the engine off

It is like this.


As an analogy, it is dangerous and not such a good idea to clean the room with the power on.

So it would be better if the brain is also cleaned with the power turned off (sleep).


So, after all, sleep is important! ^^ (simple)


I have thus far expressed my layman’s view on this study in a garrulous manner.


See you then.



We have seen an influx of cerebrospinal fluid, so it may not be brain cleaning, but at least a little brain refreshment.




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