Google releases MusicLM, an AI model that automatically generates music from text!

【Google to release MusicLM, an AI model that automatically generates music from text, clears ethical challenges for training data sets.】


・Google announced that MusicLM, an AI that automatically generates music from typed text, will be available to the public on May 11, 2023, Japan time.

・MusicLM is trained on a dataset consisting of 280,000 hours of music and can generate music appropriate to the content of the text.

・Google introduces MusicLM as “an experimental tool that helps both professional and novice musicians express their creativity

・Because it is trained on a dataset that has passed ethical challenges for publication, the MusicLM provided by the AI Test Kitchen cannot generate music that is a reproduction of a performance or singing voice by a specific artist.

・Two pieces of music are generated, with the ability to provide feedback on which was the better result. It is also possible to download the generated music



These are the quotes from the article




Technology is always ahead of rules and ethics.


When I read the above article, I was like, “Ehhhh? Huh?” I thought.

This is because, as I have previously written in the following blog, as of January of this year, Google said that they had no plans to release MusicLM because of copyright infringement issues.


【Google Announces MusicLM, an AI Model to Generate Music from Text】


It has been only four months since you said you had no plans to release the product, and yet you have already done so.^^;(I really don’t count on the word “don’t and won’t” from the powers that be.)


Google says it is because they have cleared up copyright and other ethical issues, but I am not sure what made those issues clear.


I would think the following.

Look at the examples of cloning technology and genetically modified designer babies,
Technology is always ahead of the rules and ethics. It is always ahead of the rules and ethics.


It may be said that technology, which is advancing and developing at an accelerated pace, cannot be controlled by rules or ethics.


Thus, technology cannot be stopped once it has started running,

Therefore, I feel that the kind of person who makes the technology run is very important.


After all,

I think again that human development, what kind of people we nurture, is very important.


Although we tend to focus on the development of technology, what is important is the human condition, isn’t it? (Since human beings exist in front of technology, the human condition is the fundamental part.)


Now, while paying attention to how technology will develop, let’s also pay attention to what kind of people we can develop and what kind of people we can raise, and let’s focus our efforts on those areas.


【Why Spotify Removed “Tens of Thousands” of AI-Generated Songs】


Streaming platforms are also taking steps to counter AI-generated songs, but looking at the countless number of AI-written novels registered on Amazon, it seems like a burning issue. It is probably inevitable that more and more AI songs will be registered in the future.


After all, once technology gets going, there is no stopping it.

(Of course, this is not to deny the development of technology or technology itself.)


See you then.


In the video, after typing the text “piano”, “relax”, etc., the music is ready in a few seconds. Now, what about the future!




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