Genome Analysis Reveals Three Main Lineages of Japanese Ancestry

【Whole Genome Analysis Reveals Japanese Ancestry Involved in Three Lineages】


RIKEN has analyzed the entire genome of the Japanese people and reported the results of a study that suggests three major lineages are involved in the ancestry of the Japanese people (one of the largest studies on non-European people).

・In addition to the Jomon and Yayoi, a third lineage of Japanese ancestry has been discovered.

The first is the “Jomon” lineage. The first is the “Jomon” lineage, which, as the name implies, is thought to have originated from the Jomon people, and people living in Okinawa in particular have inherited a large number of genes from them.

The second is “Kansai-kei. The second is the “Kansai-kei,” which is particularly inherited by the people of the Kansai region, and is related to the people who lived along the Yellow River and its upper reaches in ancient China.

The third is the “Northeastern” group. This group has a high genetic affinity with the Jomon people and is also thought to be related to the ancient Koreans of the Three Kingdoms Period (4th-5th century) in Korea.

・The modern Japanese have also been found to have inherited genes not only from Homo sapiens, but also from extinct older humans, such as Neanderthals and Denisovans. This was found to be related to physical characteristics and diseases




These are the quotes from the article






All human beings are brothers and sisters in origin!


Many of you may remember learning about the Jomon and Yayoi people in Japanese history.

However, there are three main blood roots (DNA roots) of the Japanese people that were discovered through this genome analysis.


Jomon lineage (Okinawa)
Kansai lineage (ancient China)
Northeast (ancient Korea)


I have heard urban legends that the blood of Japanese people is also mixed with that of Israelis and Mongolians, but I have never heard of such a thing. (Is it possible if you follow the rather minute details?)

Well, it is normal and natural that adjacent areas would be the roots.


By the way, there are 1024 ancestors if you go back 10 generations, and 1048578 if you go back 20 generations.

It makes sense that people with the same surname are quite likely to be related by blood somewhere.


When I think about my ancestors in this way, I am reminded that all human beings are brothers and relatives.


The following is another story.


【White supremacist takes DNA test and finds two-thirds have non-white blood】


It is really funny, because the representative of the white supremacist group was also discovered to have African blood, to my surprise.

As experts say, racial differences do not make much difference in terms of genetics.

So, since there is no great difference genetically between Japan, China, and Korea, we should not have strange racial differences. (Idealistic? Is it a pretty word?)

There are still constant conflicts between countries and races, but I sometimes think, “Let’s just analyze our DNA together. Then people will feel that we all have similar roots and there might be less clashes.


These are just a few of the many fantasies I have based on blood roots and genome analysis.


See you then



I wonder if we can trace our ancestry all the way back to one of the original humans. Incidentally, it is well known that the DNA of humans and chimpanzees are a 98% match and that of humans and bananas is a 50% match.




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