Projected market size in 2032 is $19.1 billion; future and potential of 4D printing

【4D Printing Market Could Reach US$25.16 Billion – Autodesk, Stratasys, MIT Self-Organizing Lab】


4D printing involves activities in which human actions are understood by an automated system. These human/user actions are interpreted by the software and specific machine tasks are performed

・Market size in 2023 is US$5.01 billion

Projected market size in 2032 is US$19.1 billion



The above is a quote from the article






4D Printing. The Latest Technology Creates Many Futures (Possibilities)


Have you heard of 4D printing?

3D printing is well known, but 4D printing is new to me.


【What is a 4D printer? Case Studies and the Future of Manufacturing】


3D printer is a printing technology for length, width, and depth (XYZ axis). 4D printer and 4D printing add the concept of “time axis” to the 3D printer and 4D printing is a manufacturing technology designed to deform objects through the passage of time and interaction with the environment.

It may be easier to understand if you watch the video.



The 4D printed object changes its shape through a thermal reaction.


Right now, thermal reactions are the switches, but in the future, 4D printing that envisions these reactions may be created, such as using electricity or other chemical reactions as switches.

If 4D printing can be used to create a flat surface at first, and then transform it into the shape of the component after it arrives at the site, logistics costs would go down. (If everything could be distributed on a flat surface, it would be very efficient.)

In the medical field, it is also attracting attention as one of the stent technologies for coronary arteries. (The stent is shaped after it enters the blood vessel)

【Coronary Stent Industry Overview】


If I were to get more paranoid, it might be possible in the distant future that, like the hoi-poi capsule in the comic book Dragon Ball, a motorcycle or a house could come out of the capsule when a switch is pressed with a click. (In terms of being shaped by some switch, 4D printing and hoi-poi capsules may have something in common?)

Still, we are told that the 4D printing market may be worth $19.1 billion by 2032. That’s a huge scale.

Incidentally, the 3D printing market is expected to reach $13.5 billion in 2022 and $25 billion in 2025.

【Global 3D printing market size forecast to reach $25 billion by 2025.】


Wow, 3D printing is even bigger than 4D printing.

Well, many things are 3D printed now, such as electronic parts and construction supplies.


I wonder if 4D printing will penetrate various industries in the same way as 3D printing.

It will be interesting to see.


【Military 4D Printing Market Size is Projected to Reach US$461.8 Million by 2030 – Latest Forecast】


One last thing,

I am happy to see the development of technology, but I hope that it will not be used for military or other things that create tragedy.


I hope that technology will be used for love and peace.

See you then


It is shaped by a switch such as a thermal response, and eventually it could be designed to the point where it can be reversed by a reverse switch.

4D printing has many possibilities.




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