The suspension bridge effect is limited to romantic relationships. It can have the opposite effect. The “heart pounding” multiplies emotions.

【The “suspension bridge effect” was not only ineffective but counterproductive if the person was not a romantic partner.】


・The “suspension bridge effect” is a phenomenon in which people who find themselves in situations of heightened arousal mistakenly interpret their heartbeat as being caused by the attraction of the person they are with, and find that person more attractive than they normally would.

・A research team from the University of Maryland in the U.S. verified this effect and reported that the “suspension bridge effect” only occurs with people who would be romantic partners in the first place, and in fact, it has the opposite effect with people who are not attracted to them.

It shows that in order to mistake “heart pounding” for romantic feelings, a person must be romantically interested in the first place for it to mean anything (and for those who are less attractive, it has the opposite effect, making them even less appreciative).



The above is a quote from the article.




The suspension bridge effect (heart pounding) is multiplied for better or worse


Many of you know about the suspension bridge effect.

However, the effect seems to be limited to attractive people only. (But only if they are good looking, or beautiful, or something like that.)

In some cases, it can have the opposite effect. (If he is ugly, you dislike him more? LOL)


In other words, is it like “heart pounding” is an emotional multiplier?


If there are positive emotions, they are amplified by the pounding of the heart,

If there are negative emotions, they are also amplified by the pounding of the heart.

If there is no emotion, nothing changes.



If there is even a small positive evaluation from the other party, a suspension bridge effect may be expected.



The suspension bridge effect was first announced in 1974, but seven years later, in 1981, a study was published denying the above suspension bridge effect.

Nevertheless, the suspension bridge effect has become so widespread in the public.

This reminds us once again that, regardless of the truth or falsity of information, we live in a world in which interesting and conspicuous information becomes widely known.


Updating information is really important.


Let’s also update the content of the suspension bridge effect.



If we assume that “heart pounding” is amplified by multiplying positive and negative emotions, then we want to keep our usual mindset positive. You never know when your heart will pound. (Suspension bridge? Attractions? Running?)


See you then.



State of the body → feelings (emotions).

Feelings (emotions) -> body state.

I think there are both patterns. It is a strange feeling when you start thinking about which is the current state.




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