Weeds don’t get up when they are stepped on. A story about the true weed spirit. The importance of meeting words.

【Weeds stand up even if they are stepped on and stepped on” is a lie… they teach us the most important thing in life.】


・Four-leaf clovers tend to be found in areas where they are easily stepped on.

・There are several causes of quatrefaction, one of which is damage to the leaf base, called the leaf base yogenki, which is the base of the leaf. When stepped on, the leaf base is damaged and what should be a three-leaf plant becomes a four-leaf plant.

We often say, “Weeds get up after being stepped on and stepped on,” but they don’t. In fact, “the weed that is being trampled lies down, not getting up, so that it can be trampled.” They don’t get up, they use their energy toward their primary goal, which is to leave the seeds.”

Never lose sight of what is important, that is the true weed spirit.

・Tomoko Watanabe’s “bloom where you are put” is a good quote, but based on actual weeds, “don’t sprout where you are put” is also a nice quote



The above is a quote from the article





The Importance of Encountering Words


The four-leaf clover reminds me of a time when I used to take a walk in the park with a friend.


There were so many four-leaf bushes that when I said, “Let’s look for a four-leaf clover,” my friend said, “I’ve never found one and it’s not that easy to find one.


I’m good at finding them,” I told my friend, and we found several four-leaf clovers.Seeing me like that, my friend was surprised.


And I said to my friend. ‘You can’t find it because you think you can’t find it. If you think you can find it, you can find it easily like this.

In fact, after that, my friend ended up finding many four-leaf clovers (for the first time in his life, apparently).


The mindset of “I can’t do it anyway, it’s impossible.

The mindset of “I’m sure you can do it.


I realized once again that the difference between the two was very large.


I don’t know how big this experience was for my friend at this time,

It seems that the person in the above article also found a wonderful word for the weed called clover.


A weed that has been stepped on does not try to force itself to get up (and does not spend energy on getting up), but uses its energy where it matters.

Never lose sight of what is important.” That is the true spirit of a weed.

Bloom where you are” is a good phrase, but “don’t dare” to sprout where you are” is also a nice phrase, based on the actual weeds.


I also felt like I had met a wonderful word.

Have you come across any nice words lately?


See you then.


Someone’s wise words can be like a curse for some people. In order to encounter words that resonate with you, you need to create opportunities to be exposed to many words. That may be reading more than TV, or talking with someone more important than reading.




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