Years of research have made it clear that productivity and creativity are not compatible. Think about how you use your time, your thoughts

【Surprising circumstances that reverse the results of people who work with an emphasis on efficiency (complacency is a vicious cycle that reduces judgment and creativity).】


・Research over the last few decades has shown that. (1) The pursuit of time efficiency reduces judgment. (2) The more time efficiency is increased, the more creativity is reduced.

・Tunneling is a phenomenon in which the brain’s processing capacity reaches its limit as it efficiently performs a number of tasks, reducing its ability to make appropriate choices.

・On average, people in the tunneling state experience a 13-point drop in IQ. This number is roughly equivalent to the degree of IQ decline that occurs when a person spends a night without sleep (impaired judgment).

・The group instructed to speedily complete tasks in pursuit of efficiency processed approximately 22% fewer tasks than the group not instructed to do so(Impaired judgment)

・On days when people are more conscious of time at work, the occurrence of creative thinking is 45% lower than on days when they are not, and project performance is also lower(Decreased creativity)

・There are two types of thinking. Convergent thinking is the use of the brain to focus on one thing and use brain resources for specific information, and diffuse thinking is the use of the brain to play with unending images and memories in the mind.

・The human brain is not designed to use diffusion and convergence at the same time, and creativity must be given up if we want to improve our concentration.

・According to McKinsey research, 70% of modern jobs require creative thinking.


These are the quotes from the article




Be aware of how you use your time and your thoughts.


I remember writing this blog before.↓


【Productivity and creativity are incompatible (study results)】


The above article reaffirms that I knew it.


Productivity (efficiency) and creativity are incompatible.


This is my experience and feeling as well.


The relationship between productivity and creativity is like a trade-off or dilemma: pursuing one will make the other untenable.


In light of these things,


I think it is better to divide the use of time into two types of time and schedule them separately.


・Time for Productivity and efficiency (time for convergent thinking)

・Time for creativity (time for diffuse thinking)


Do not make the mistake of trying to do both of these things at the same time.

If I were to use an analogy in my case, it would be like composing music while processing e-mails.(It’s definitely a bit of a halfway house for both.)


By the way,

Although the term “multitasking” is used, brain science has shown that we are not actually multitasking at the same time. The reality of multitasking is that we are switching tasks moment to moment. There are quite a few people who say that multitasking is not only inefficient, but also inefficient.


In any case,

It would be better to divide the time for productivity and the time for creativity, firmly and separately, and then execute them.


Another point of interest in the above article,

People who seek efficiency so much that their judgment and creativity are diminished, they don’t realize themselves that they are diminished.


This is the point.


In other words, you end up with a self-satisfied “I did it” feeling.


In fact, I think there are quite a few people who are immersed in a “done” feeling because they worked hard for a long time and are tired.


The feeling of fatigue and the feeling of having done it are two different things.

The time required and the feeling of having done it are two different things.


I believe that the “true sense of accomplishment” is “a feeling of accomplishment, result, form, and connection. Conversely, there are times when it is okay to feel a sense of having done something, even if it is only for a short time and even if you are not tired.


I know I have to be careful too.^^;

(I have experienced many times in the past when it took me 3 days to make an A-melody and I felt like I did my best because I was exhausted!^^;)


Efficiency, productivity, creativity, and self-awareness of results, to name a few,


It was a reminder that how we use our time and our thoughts is really important.


See you then.



【I made music for Svenson’s web commercial.】



As for how we use our time, it is important to prioritize. And it is also important to ask what that priority is.(Work? Private life? Family? Money?)




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