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As is my annual tradition, today is not my usual miscellaneous blog, as I will be looking back on the year 2023 and writing just what I think. Please understand. It will probably be a philosophical and spiritual discussion, as it is every time (every year).^^


In your summary of 2022, two years ago, I

you spoke of the importance of connections and images.

You also spoke of “image to reality” rather than “reality to image”.


These stories, so to speak,

I think these are the kind of stories that go along with the Law of Attraction and affirmations,

I had a discovery or an epiphany about these stories a while ago.

That is what I would like to write about today.(Would it benefit anyone?)


Attraction and affirmations are a great generalization,

When you say (or declare) “thank you” or imagine yourself saying “thank you”,

When you say “thank you” (or declare it) or imagine yourself saying “thank you,” it means that the self saying “thank you” will become reality.


In other words,

When you say or imagine words of gratitude, such as thank you, good things happen more and more (they become reality).


But there are people who are doing those things, but for some reason, they are not doing well.


Why is that?


The reason or cause,

Because we don’t appreciate (image) the past, even up to the present.


Not only gratitude (image) for the future,

but also gratitude (imagery) from the past to the present,

things like attraction and affirmation will not be triggered.



For the sake of clarity, I will venture to give a cheesy example.


People who don’t get it right.

‘I’ve had a shitty life so far, but I’m going to turn it around from here!’

People who do well

“I’ve had a tough time so far, but that’s what got me to where I am and the relationships I have with people. Let’s follow that trend to a nice climax!”


People who don’t work out (love)

‘My ex-lover was a jerk, but I’m going to find a good one!’


People who do well (in love)

‘My ex-lover didn’t work out, but that’s why I am the person I am today,

I met (and have met) a wonderful person because of our breakup.”


The above is a cheesy analogy. What do you think?


Which person would you prefer to associate with before it works or doesn’t work out? (This is, in a way, part of the answer)


A year ago in my summary blog I talked about the importance of imagining,

Imagery is more than just from the present to the future.

It is more powerful to imagine from the past to the present, and from the present to the future.


It is like the longer the band of an image, the more powerful it is.

Perhaps we can compare the belt to a film of a movie.

Compare life to a film of a movie,

It’s like life up to this point is just a prelude to the greatest climax.


The film from the present to the future is short, but the longer the film of the image, from past to present and into the future, the stronger its power (realization).



I’m talking about the fact that words and images of gratitude, such as thank you, should also be directed from the past to the present, and from the present to the future.


Of course,

I think just imagining from the present to the future will have a certain effect,

However, it is better to imagine from the past to the present and then to the future, so that you can get a head start and gain momentum.^^


These are some of the things I have recently discovered and realized,

These are some of the ideas that I have recently discovered and realized to further enhance the effectiveness of attraction, affirmations, etc.


If you think it’s a good idea, give this idea a try.

It’s not like buying a jar for X amount of money, so I don’t think you’ll lose anything by doing it.^^

I also think that if you try it and nothing happens, that is a fine idea.



If it’s something I think is good and I can do it without any difficulty, I’ll try anything.


This is another idea I hold dear.

I would be happy if the above could help or lift someone up a bit.


It is not fun to laugh by yourself.

It is fun because we all laugh together.

That is why,

I want to create a world where everyone can laugh together, instead of laughing only by myself.

(I would like to increase the number of people in the world who try to laugh together, not just those who try to laugh by themselves.)


I have written at length in the hope that the above will help in this regard.


2023, I would like to thank my family and everyone else who has cared about me and everyone involved in my life for the past year. I love you. And I feel loved.^^


And thank you very much for reading Amimako over the past year.


To link to the above, I would say,

Thank you for this year, thank you for next year

Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do.

Thank you for all you have done and all you will do.


I wish you all a Happy New Year! And let us welcome 2024 with a good image!



The more powerful the image, the more powerful it is.

The strength of the imagery itself is important, though,

The power of the image itself is important, but the power of the image itself may also be strengthened by lengthening the time axis and increasing the volume or area of the image.

By the way, the scratched hands in the photo are the result of frantic cleaning.^^



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