Female tears were found to decrease male aggression. Women’s tears can be used in different ways

【Smelling Women’s Tears Reduces Aggression in Men, Researcher Finds People Cry as Adults Because It’s ‘Helpful’】


New study confirms that women’s tears can inhibit aggressive male behavior

・Previous studies with rodents had found that female tears inhibited male aggression, but it was unclear whether such chemical effects, called “chemosignals,” could be applied to humans.

Men who smelled a woman’s emotional (when sad) tears were found to have about 44% less aggressive behavior aimed at getting back at her

・Men who were provoked activated two brain regions associated with aggression: the anterior insular cortex and the prefrontal cortex, while the smell of a woman’s tears activated these regions to a lesser extent.

・”The fact that people cry not only when they are babies but also as adults may indicate that shedding tears is a ‘useful behavior throughout life,'” says the researcher.




The above is a quote from the article





Women’s tears reduce both male aggression and arousal. Women’s tears can be used in different ways.


When I read the above article, I immediately remembered a blog I have written in the past.


【The Lust Theory of Women’s Tears and Men’s Tears】


・An experiment was conducted where men were shown a sexy scene to measure their level of arousal. Men who were exposed to the scent of a woman’s tears were less aroused than those who were not. In other words, the scent of a woman’s tears does not turn men on.

・According to an American study (rat experiment), male (male) tears contain pheromones that attract women (females) and improve sexual desire. (Contrary to female tears)


Considering the information in this past blog together,

the scent of a woman’s tears seems to reduce both male arousal and aggression.


Based on this, it seems that a woman’s tears can have a positive or negative effect on a man, depending on the occasion. (It’s a negative effect if you’re trying to get him excited about you, but maybe a positive effect if you’re in a fight or want to lower a man’s aggression.)


The point to note, however, is that the tears we are talking about here are tears of sadness.


【Tears of sorrow are sweet! Did you know that tears taste different depending on their composition?】


As some of you may know, the composition of tears changes with emotion.

Tears are sweet when you are sad or happy.

Tears when you are angry or frustrated are salty.


If we assume that the ingredients are the same = the fragrance is the same,

It is possible that not only sad tears but also happy tears can have the same effect as above.



What kind of effect does the scent of tears have when you are angry or frustrated? I am curious. And I would like to know the effect of tears on men.


These are just a few of the reasons why I dug a little deeper into tears and tear scents.


Have you shed a tear recently? Have you seen someone else’s tears?

Have you smelled the scent of tears?

To begin with, the distance from which you can smell tears is quite close.^^


See you then.


I personally found it interesting that the components of tears of sadness and anger are different, since I have always thought that “sadness” and “anger” are connected in a deep way.




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