2024 Hit Prediction Keywords. How much do you know? Are they really going to be hits?

【LINE Yahoo predicts hit keywords for 2024 using search big data and AI.】






Keyword Predictions for 2024 Hits and My Miscellaneous Thoughts on Them


Before we know it, there are only a few days left in 2023.

At this time of year, there are many articles looking back on how “2023 went” and predicting what “2024 will be like.


There was an article called Keyword Predictions for Hits in 2024, so I checked it out right away.

Below is a quote from the article & my one comment.



Viyott is the name of a popular yogurt product in Korea. The yogurt is eaten with chocolate or cereal toppings on top that come with the yogurt.

I wonder if they are already famous sweets when there is a video like this 4 years ago. Still, the topic of Korean sweets is an image that comes up one after another. Is someone setting them up? ^^



Nui pouch” stands for “Nuigurumi pouch. Basically, it is a small, transparent pouch in which you store your favorite idol or character’s Nui Nui (guessed stuffed animal) for the purpose of carrying it with you on your daily outings or at events.

Can’t you just carry your guess stuffed animal around with you? You mean you want to carry it with care?


●Baby Squeeze

Squeeze is a fluffy, tactile toy product that quickly returns to its original shape after being gripped or stretched. We made it into the shape of a baby, called “Baby Squeeze.”

It’s good for my mental health to pick up something tactile, but I’m not sure about a stuffed animal in the shape of a baby.



“BeReal.” is a French-born social networking service released in 2020; the official reading is “bilir,” but search data overwhelmingly show “BeReal.

The main focus is on sharing realistic, everyday life that cannot be “heaped up” or “reflected”. It has already become quite popular among the younger generation in their 10s and 20s, and it will be interesting to see if it will spread to a wider range of generations in the future.

I found out about this app a while ago. I guess people are fed up with social networking sites that are full of processing and fakes. It’s too amazing that you can’t process photos and that the in-camera and out-camera are taken at the same time.



“Ringo-dou” is an apple candy specialty store that uses seasonal apples from Aomori and other prefectures. Currently, the company is expanding its store network from Kumamoto and Fukuoka prefectures to Okinawa, Kyoto, and Hokkaido.

I want to try it. This PV seems to have been uploaded 2 weeks ago. I wonder if they are sensing a trend and have started to put more effort into PR?


●Rewinder of Destiny

This is the title of a manga drawn by Futa Kimura that began serialization in the February 2022 issue of the monthly Korokoro Comic. The main character, Crono, a member of the elite Time and Space Police Task Force, is a “makimodoshi” (rewinder) who uses his ability to rewind time to save people.

Time leaps, time slips, and other time manipulation works are always popular.



An online photo and audio editing site provided by CyberLink, a Taiwan-based company that allows users to edit images and audio in their browsers.

Its features include a number of functions that make full use of AI technology. AI is used not only for photo processing, but also for illustration, animation, voice correction, sound effect creation, and transcription. Some functions are available free of charge.


Even though free use has limited functionality, this seems useful. Cheap (free) and high functionality is now truly the norm.


●24 Sweets Shop

As the name suggests, “24 Sweets Shop” is an unmanned sweet shop specializing in sweets where customers can buy sweets 24 hours a day, whenever they want.

Personally, I don’t think it will be that differentiated because there are 24-hour convenience stores. Will it really catch on? Will it take root?



“Koi Mikuji” is a website provided by Omikuji-do that allows users to draw a love-specific omikuji. As can be seen from the gender age distribution, an extreme movement is taking place among teenage women.

The features of the site are its simplicity, with only a “Daikichi” or “Daiyoshi” fortune, and its limitation of once a day.


I drew the lottery and was pleased to see that it was a great fortune, but it was either a great fortune or a bad fortune.



Poor Mr. Kayo, the popular creator of the hit character “Oppanchusagi”! a character with a yuletide quirkiness created by Mr.

He is often depicted with his best friend “Kimimaro,” a yogurt fairy, and has attracted some attention in the past, but since June of this year, the number of searches for him has begun to increase significantly.

I feel that when a very popular creator writes a book, it is inevitable that it will be popular, to some extent.


How much did you know about the above? Do you like it? Dislike it? What did you think? Did you feel that it will be a hit next year?

I think it is important for brain stimulation to be exposed to new things, to feel and think something in itself.


See you then



I believe that hits can be made or predicted if the data can be measured and analyzed to this extent. This is assuming there is a great deal of power.




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