An astonishing competition: $100 million in prize money for 10 years younger! Time is money = Youth is value?

【100 million in prizes if you can be 10 years younger, new competition by X Prize Foundation】


・X Prize Foundation, known for its lunar exploration contests, announces a competition totaling more than $100 million for therapeutic interventions that rejuvenate the cognition, immunity, and muscles of the elderly by at least 10 years.

・Many researchers have expressed interest and may accelerate research in the field of aging

・By 2030, the winner must prove that his or her therapeutic intervention can turn back the hands of the elderly clock by at least 10 years in three key areas: cognition, immunity, and muscle function.

・Foundation awards $1 million to companies that crash land on the moon in 2019 contest

・The total prize money is $110 million. The prize money will be awarded in three installments: after two years, up to 40 teams will receive $250,000; after three to four years, the top 10 teams will each receive $1 million. That leaves $81 million in prize money for the winner, which will be announced in 2030

・The team that demonstrates 20 years of rejuvenation will receive the full prize: $71 million for 15 years of rejuvenation and $61 million for 10 years of rejuvenation.



The above is a quote from the article.




Time is money = youth is value?


If you achieve rejuvenation, the total prize money is $110 million. (In 147 yen terms, that’s 16 billion yen!)


I like this kind of money from the rich.^^

It will surely encourage the evolution of rejuvenation technology.


The prize money is a whopping $110 million if you can get 20 years younger, $71 million if you can get 15 years, and $61 million if you can get 10 years.

But, depending on how you think about it, you could say to the young man, “You are 20 years younger than I am, so you are now living a life worth at least $110 million.”(I can tell you that youth is worth it.)



Then I remembered a video that has been circulating on social networking sites.


A「If I said I would give you a billion yen, would you take it?」


A「But what if instead of getting a billion dollars, you were to die tomorrow?」

B「I won’t take it.」

A「In other words, “tomorrow” is worth it. Just waking up tomorrow morning and facing a new day is wonderful!」


It’s quite a thought-provoking video, don’t you think?


However, to be precise, it may be correct to say “the rest of my life after tomorrow = 1 billion yen” instead of “one day tomorrow = 1 billion yen”.


Nevertheless, in light of the above, I would like to reiterate my thoughts,


There is a famous saying, “Today is the youngest day of your life.”

It may also be paraphrased as, “Today is the most valuable day of your life.


So, let’s go about another worthwhile and gratifying day with a smile on our faces.


See you then.


Some scientists say, “Aging is a kind of disease and should be curable.” If all of us could become younger or never age, it would change the way the world works. I myself would like to stay young forever, but I do not want immortality.




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