Is it more impressive to blame money rather than time for failure? Think again about time and money.

【It’s better to blame money for your failures, so that people will be more impressed with you.】


・The University of London (U.K.) conducted six experiments with approximately 1,200 participants to examine whether the way people made excuses for their failures affected their impressions of others.

・The results of the experiments showed that those who blamed time for their failures were rated as having less self-control than those who blamed money for their failures. (Those who blamed time as the cause of failure were rated as having the same level of self-control as those who did not explain the cause of failure)

∙ Apparently, we tend to think that money is less controllable than time, and that we have no choice when money is the cause of failure.

・When explaining the causes of failure to others, it would be wise to focus on the factors over which we have no control



The above is a quote from the article






Is money more uncontrollable than time? It depends on the level (dimension) of thinking


I recall writing the following blog before.


【Refusal to say “I don’t have time” is twice as negative as “I don’t have money” (study)】


Consider this in conjunction with the above article,

・When you fail, if you explain to the other party that you blame the failure on money, it is less likely to cause them to have a negative impression of you (compared to time).

・When you refuse the other party’s invitation, if you blame money, the other party is less likely to have a negative impression of you (compared to time).


What we see from this comes from the assumption that money is uncontrollable,

What can be seen from this is the feeling of people who assume that money is uncontrollable, and that “it can’t be helped if you don’t have money” or “money, unlike time, does not increase on its own and is uncontrollable.


Indeed, if I imagine such a situation, I might have the same impression.


But then I think about it again,


Really, is money really uncontrollable compared to time?


Is time more controllable than money?


Indeed, when living without thinking, it is easy to get the feeling that time flows and increases (is infinite) as a matter of course, as if it were today and tomorrow.


But in reality,

Time is not increasing; it is constantly decreasing.

We live our lives while burning time (lifespan).

We tend to forget that.


Well, if we change our perspective and think calmly for a moment,

We can neither resist nor rewind the flow of time, so in a real sense, it is obvious which is more controllable, time or money.


If you think about it on a life level, as in the case of the causes of failure and refusing invitations, it may seem like time < money (money is more uncontrollable and weighty),

If you think about it at the life level, it is still time > money (time is more uncontrollable and has more weight).


In other words,

Depending on the dimension (level) of thinking, which is uncontrollable, time or money, may change, and depending on that, it may be “time < money” or “time > money”.


I was thinking exaggeratedly again when I heard that using money as an excuse makes a good impression.


See you then


For the first time in 34 years, the dollar is now worth 153 yen to the dollar. The value of money changes fluffily from time to time, but time does not. The value of time and money and how we feel about it will still change depending on whether it is at the level of living or at the level of life. I think that the value of time and money will still vary depending on whether it is at a life level or a life level. They did something for me. The level of appreciation also changes depending on how you think about these things. Depending on how you think about it, “spending time = spending life.”




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