Advantages and disadvantages of strong security

【The agony of Mac refurbished products. Still usable devices are trashed…】


Digital recycling is one of the most important ways to reduce electronic waste, as well as to prolong its use.

・Refurbished Macs have been giving me trouble lately…. Even if the device is initialized, the problem is that it cannot be used unless the original owner logs in and performs proper initialization.

・The cause is Apple’s T2 security chip, which contains Touch ID bio data and encryption data, and is so secure that the original owner has to turn off the “Find My” function or reset the contents using an erase assistant, No matter how much a third-party recycler resets the device to factory conditions, it cannot be used.

・As a result, the device is trashed even though it is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars as a refurbished product.








Advantages and disadvantages of strong security


Mac refurbished products are one of the cheapest options.

However, due to the strong security of the T2 security chip, there are many situations where secondary use is not possible.


It’s not surprising,

Strong security = no one else can use it.

It means that the security is so strong that other people cannot use it.


The following article reminds me of security-related issues.


【Expectations and concerns about the new “eKYC” system, which will also be introduced for the My Number Card】


Although it is undeniable that Japan’s security technology is lagging behind overall in terms of my number card, bank accounts and management, etc., new “eKYC” (security technology) will surely be introduced in the future.


It is good to see stronger security, though,


As in the example above,

Considering that enhanced security has made it impossible to pass PCs to others,

However, as shown in the example above, there is a possibility that many people will become unable to pass on their assets to others due to the enhanced security.


Truly, there is good and bad in everything.


By the way,

According to the Law for Utilization of Dormant Deposits, etc., which has been in effect since 2018, accounts abandoned for 10 years starting in 2019 (accounts with no money movement) will be confiscated by the government.

There are about 80 billion yen of such dormant deposits annually.


We would like to avoid a situation where money cannot be moved by strengthening security.


See you then


Personally, I think that there are too many passwords for so many different things, so I would like to manage all security in one place with biometric authentication. Fingerprint alone is dangerous if you are passed out or asleep, so I think double authentication with retinal and fingerprint authentication would be fine.





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