AI models are in full swing. I am a composer who is a little freaked out by the possibilities ahead.

【Fed up with human models? Spanish Agency Creates “AI Influencers” Earning $1.6 Million a Month】

【Between Fiction and Reality; AI-Generated Models Become Popular】



・”Aitana López” is an AI (artificial intelligence) creation of a Spanish agency tired of booking human models.

・Aitana can earn a little over 1,000 euros (about 160,000 yen) per ad, and earns 500,000 yen per month, or 1.6 million yen in many months.

・Aitana is a 25-year-old with pink hair and more than 144,000 followers on Instagram

・A growing number of AI-generated models are being successfully used on social media and adult content platforms



These are the quotes from the article




The AI model is now common knowledge. We can see possibilities beyond it.


We expected this to happen, but we were still surprised to see AI models in action, in fact, in full swing.


An AI model can easily create and maintain an ideal appearance. (Not possible with humans).

AI models will not cause scandals or other problems, and there is no cost for costumes, transportation, etc. (With human models, it’s risky and costly)



The more we think about it, perhaps it is only natural that the AI model should play an active role, as it offers only advantages.


Just recently, there was a lot of talk about the use of AI models in Parco’s advertisements.



This trend will continue to accelerate.


When we talk about entertainment and AI, like the AI model, I can’t help but think of it in connection with music.


There has always been talk that “AI will take our jobs” and that “many human jobs will be replaced by AI.”


AI composition is one such example.

AI composing today is also amazing, so a future (present?) in which AI composers are working at the same level or even better than human composers is coming into view.


But still,

If listeners learn that the music was created by an AI and not a human, their evaluation of the music may go down. (In fact, studies have shown that the ratings of poems supposedly created by AI have gone down.)


The reason for the lower rating is probably the lack of humanity, the lack of emotion and storytelling.


So I believed that human composers, in their own way, should be able to continue to work with these strengths.




This time, after reading the above article about the AI model’s Instagram story, these thoughts and beliefs of mine are about to change a bit.



I felt that the AI model’s Instagram gave the AI model a human touch, emotion, and storytelling.


For example,

AI-composed music like this AI model called Aitana would reach the hearts of human fans.


When I thought about “entertainment and AI” and “creative and AI,” I thought it would be okay because humans have their own unique humanity, emotions, and storytelling, but after reading this article, I felt that part was also in danger.


What is it that humans can do that AI cannot?


We may have to think about it again.


See you then.



A hundred years ago we were concerned that machines would take away human physical labor. And now we see a trend that AI will take away not only physical labor, but brain labor as well. Well, since physical labor exists today, there is no doubt that brain labor will still exist in 100 years.




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