The number of images generated by AI exceeds 150 years of human photographers. Consider the future era from the perspective of the law of conservation of mass.

【Number of images generated by AI in a year reaches “the number of photos taken by humans over 150 years” – Internet: “We’ve already surpassed the history of mankind.”】


・Everypixel Journal examined the number of images generated to date by the leading image-generating AIs.

・The results show that more than 15 billion images have already been generated in the first year since the image-generating AI was introduced

This is roughly equivalent to the number of photographs taken by photographers in the 150 years between 1826, when the first photograph was taken, and 1975

・Equivalent to one-third of the number of images posted on Instagram


These are the quotes from the article




Think in terms of the law of conservation of mass: as the AI ratio increases, the human ratio goes to zero?


Images created by image-generating AI are now common on the Internet.


Considering the high quality and convenience, I could see why people would use it, and I knew that a huge number of them would be generated, but I had no idea it would be this large.


This time it was able to exceed the number of images taken by human photographers 150 years ago,

People today take photos so easily with their smartphones that it may not be easy to surpass the number of images generated by AI. However, AI may soon surpass that number.

In this age when AI composers can create a song in a few seconds, regardless of its quality, the day may soon come when “the number of AI music exceeds the number of human music”. (Is it possible that this is already the case?)


【The mass of digital data exceeds the mass of the Earth!】


I remember writing this blog before.


I do not think that all AI-generated images are stored after they are generated, so I do not think that AI image generation equals an increase in digital data mass,

However, if images are generated at this pace, the mass of digital data is likely to rapidly exceed the mass of the earth.


In past blogs above, I have written a lot from the perspective of the law of conservation of mass,

I imagine that the law of conservation of mass may be relevant not only to the mass of digital data, but also to creativity.


This is because if AI can easily unleash creativity with a single click, it could undermine the human appetite for creativity.^^;


As I have said before, I am not hostile to AI.


For example, if AI composing becomes a great thing, I would be happy to work with AI and collaborate with them to create a good song.

However, in these times, we may not bother to take the time to create them by ourselves (human hands) alone.


That means that as AI creativity develops, pure human creativity will consequently decrease. (I don’t think it will go down to zero.)


Back to the story,

In that sense,

I’m also paying attention to the law of conservation of mass of digital data,

I’m also looking at the law of conservation of mass for AI and human creativity.

(From the perspective of the law of conservation of mass, I look at what is increasing and what is decreasing: the increase in AI creations and the decrease in human creations.)


That’s what I thought when I read the above article.


See you then.


If you enter words such as “Santa Claus” or “studio look,” a high quality image like this can be generated in a few seconds. It would take a lot of time and effort for a human to draw this.





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