Japanese and Chinese are prone to death on days with the number 4. Let us be aware of the power of our assumptions.

【Japanese and Chinese are prone to die on “the 4th,” “the 14th,” and “the 24th.” Statistical data from 200,000 people show the horror of “assumption.】


・An ominous study from the University of California, San Diego

・Comparison of Japanese and Chinese mortality statistics of about 200,000 deaths with Caucasian mortality statistics of about 47 million deaths.

The results showed that Japanese and Chinese are more likely to die from heart disease-related illnesses on days with the number “4” (4th, 14th, 24th)

・Japanese and Chinese people abhor the number “4”. Such bad beliefs may have influenced them. The mind and body are linked.



These are the quotes from the article




Let’s try not to make strange or negative assumptions.


As noted in the article above,

If you’re thinking, “My knees always hurt when it rains,” well, they really do hurt when it rains.

People who think, “I always catch a cold at the end of the year,” always catch a cold at the end of the year.


Presley’s mother was 46 years old and died early. Perhaps because of this, Presley always told those around him that he would die early. Then Presley died of a heart attack at the age of 42.


As shown above, the mind and body are interconnected.


You really shouldn’t make strange assumptions, especially negative ones.


I think these stories are well known,

They say that Japanese and Chinese are more likely to die on days with the number 4,

It is very interesting that the “mind-body linkage” (the power of assumption) is proven by statistical data and scientific viewpoints.


Do you have any strange or negative beliefs?


Once again, let us be careful.


See you then.


We have 70,000 thoughts a day, and 95% of them are repetitions of thoughts we have thought before. That means that if you have strange thoughts, you run the risk of continuing to implicate yourself in your beliefs. The reverse is also true.




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