U.S. Department of Defense launches UFO information website. Shaping a world full of unidentified through their own experiences.

【U.S. Department of Defense launches UFO information compilation website, with many videos recording unidentified flying objects.】


・The U.S. Department of Defense established the “All-Area Anomaly Response Office (AARO)” in July 2022 to investigate unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), including unidentified flying objects (UFOs), and has released information on UAPs. The website was opened on August 31, 2023 to inform the public of AARO’s activities and research results, and UAP’s video recordings can be viewed in one place.

・Declassified UAP-related images and videos will be available on the official AARO website. Several videos are already available.



These are the quotes from the article




Excited about UFO and UAP information sites. My experiences shape the unidentified world.


With the growing interest of the U.S. public in UFOs and criticism that the U.S. military is covering up information, it seems that the aim of the release of this information website is to ensure transparency.


Below are some of the videos that have been made available to the public.



As a UFO lover (and wonder lover), I can’t resist.^^

Now, these videos have already been published some years ago, as mentioned in the above article. (I have verified that)


In this day and age, if you do a little searching on the Internet, you can see a lot of UFO videos. However, it is doubtful whether they are real or not, because nowadays it is easy to make fake videos.

Compared to those,

These videos from the U.S. Department of Defense have a more authentic feel.

(If you say this is also fake, that’s all there is to it.^^;)


By the way, I have moved to this city for about 6 years now and have witnessed UFO? three times. I guess people who have had such experiences get excited when they see UFO information and videos, thinking it might be possible. On the other hand, those who have never experienced a sighting may kick it off as impossible.



experience makes a difference in the way we perceive the world.


When you think about it,

Every day we are touched by something and experience something, so our world (how we perceive our world) may be changing every day.

(It can be said that if your experience does not change, the world you see and the world you perceive will not change either.)


From the UFO story, I had such an exaggerated idea.^^


See you then.



【New photos” by Japanese in UK… “Nessie”? Two “bumps” on the lake surface “may help to solve the mystery”, British media】

And on the subject of wonder, please also mention Nessie.^^

I am a little skeptical about Nessie, perhaps because I have never seen her. But I am excited about it.


There is no information that we can confirm for ourselves, and in the end, we view the world as an extension of our own experiences and knowledge.The UFO thing reminded me of that. The unidentified world is confirmed through the small lens of one’s own experience and knowledge.That is how I feel.




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