Men get along well with each other and with different tastes in women. This is not the case with women. Humans still live by biological instinct.

【Men get along well with other men when they have different tastes in women! No such tendency among women, U.S. university study finds】


Study finds that men are more likely to be friends with women who have different tastes.

・An online survey was conducted with college-age men and women, asking them to list 10 characteristics they look for in a partner, including attractiveness in terms of appearance, intelligence, and sense of humor. Subjects were shown pictures of the opposite sex, asked to rank them in terms of attractiveness, and then divided into male and female groups to participate in a speed session on making friends.

The results showed that men were more likely to make friends with men who had different tastes in women, while women were not so inclined.

・According to the professor, “Men need to make sure that the child born from a relationship (with a woman) is theirs. Otherwise, they risk spending too much time and resources on a child with someone else.”



The above is a quote from the article






Humans still live by biological instincts. Miscellaneous thoughts from a biological perspective


Interesting research results.

I wonder if the male friends I get along with also have different preferences than I do? I would imagine so. ^^


And it is interesting to note that women do not have such tendencies.


When I saw this article, I immediately speculated that the cause or reason might be a biological instinct.

And the professor’s explanation below.

“Men need to make sure that the children born from a relationship (with a woman) are theirs. Otherwise, he risks spending too much time and resources on a child with another person.”

This explanation by the professor was exactly what I expected in terms of biology, but a little different from what I had guessed in terms of content.


Incidentally, the biological reasons I have surmised are as follows.

From the male’s point of view, since a woman can basically conceive only one child, it is difficult for her to get along with rival men who have similar tastes in women in order to procreate. It is easier for women to get along with men who have different tastes.

On the other hand,

From the female side, women, in the long run, can conceive more than one child, with more than one man, so that even if the women have the same taste in men, they can establish a relationship as friends, not as rivals.”


These are the reasons why, in my opinion, men get along with men who have different tastes in women and women do not tend to do so.


My perspective and the professor’s perspective are the same in terms of biology, but they are a little different.


Well, I am not trying to say that one is right or the other.


I think about the content of this study, and also when I read books on biology and human history,

I am reminded that, somehow, we humans have been and are still living by our biological instincts.


Simply put,

We exist as a result of biological competition.

And we have inherited the nature that won out (the nature that led us to win).


Humans who survived because of their strong arm strength will, of course, inherit strong arm strength.

Human beings who survived because they were highly intelligent, of course, inherit high intelligence.


Think of it this way,


I wonder what will be inherited by the human race in a few hundred or a few thousand years. (Or whether the human race itself will even exist).


On an individual level, yes,

Basically, though, people who are attractive to the opposite sex leave offspring,

If the attraction is money or power, the number of offspring who give priority to these (perceived) attractions increases.

If they are attracted to love and kindness, the number of offspring who give priority to these will increase.


What will happen to humanity in the future? And at what stage is humanity at now? What is humanity today? What is the present humanity?


That is all,

From the research in the article, I thought that humans live by biological instincts, and from there I thought a lot about it from a biological point of view.


For now,

Next time, I will ask my male friends again what they like in a woman. ^^


See you then


The ancestors of the human race appeared 6 million years ago, and the Paleolithic period lasted from about 1 million to 100,000 years ago. We started using computers and other digital products less than 100 years ago. However, we sometimes mistakenly believe that we are much more evolved creatures. However, from the perspective of the long history of mankind, I think it is natural that we are still in the beginning stages of change, in other words, we are creatures inseparable from our biological instincts. (Modern humans and Paleolithic humans are no different from each other instinctively.)






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