Google’s Gemini, OpenAI’s GPT4o, and AI’s current location.

【Get the gist in an instant! Gemini now automatically summarizes YouTube videos (for free)!】


Gemini, Google’s AI chatbot, has a YouTube extension built in and enabled by default

・Gemini summarizes YouTube videos using text automatically generated by YouTube, such as captions and subtitles. This means that if a video does not have captions or subtitles, nothing can be extracted from the video. In addition, the summary function does not support all languages. Currently, only English, Japanese, and Korean are supported.



These are the quotes from the article






What will humans leave to AI, and what will they retain and do as human nature?


If you’ve been following AI information, you already know this,

OpenAI’s GPT-4o

Google’s Gemini

These two AIs have attracted a great deal of attention.


When you give it the instruction, “Do it 00,” the AI, like a butler, immediately produces information, documents, images and videos for you.


And just like in the article above,

AI is also able to quickly summarize the content of YouTube and other videos.


More and more people are watching videos at double speed, which is called “typa (time performance),” but it is likely that more and more people will just summarize and not even watch the video. If that happens, it may not be a good situation for video distributors.


As AI scholars often say, the AI situation is changing day by day.

For example, in the past, it was thought that as AI and other technologies developed, simple tasks would be replaced (eradicated) by AI.

Now, however, it is being argued that white workers are more likely to be replaced by AI than blue workers.

Why is that?

White workers often work on PCs. In other words, they work digitally.

Blue workers are the opposite, and are more likely to have analog jobs.

You can see which is more easily replaced by AI.


Digital, or things that are easily quantified, are AI’s forte.

Analog jobs, such as moving an arm or holding something, are hard to quantify, so AI will not replace them anytime soon. (I don’t know about the distant future.)




Thus, analog systems will not be replaced by AI yet, but it is true that AI is becoming capable of doing many things.

And there is no way not to take advantage of such AI.

As I write this, I am not particularly well versed in AI.

I have been using ChatGPT, but Gemini was the first time I used it with this article.


As a Gemini newbie, I asked Gemini anyway, “Briefly tell me the differences and features between Gemini and ChatGPT4o.

Then, within a few seconds, this is what I got ↓.

Click to enlarge.


As I thought, it’s great. It is convenient.


Once again,

What should we leave to AI and what should we do by ourselves without leaving it to AI?

What should we, as individuals, leave to AI, and what should we do by ourselves without leaving it to AI?

We, as individuals, need to think carefully about what to leave to AI and what not to leave to AI, and how to make the best use of AI.


See you then


In truth, I hear that in 2024, more and more amazing AI could be released. However, some say that the U.S. presidential election is coming up this year. Yes, we often say that AI will change the world, but perhaps AI has already started to change the world.


For your reference, here is the URL.

【Comparison of OpenAI’s GPT-4o and Google’s Gemini +Live】

【What is Gemini? Introducing fees, usage, case studies, and the latest information on the application.】


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